Another brutal video is flooding social media – this video (shown below) was filmed on Monday at the Macy’s at the Genessee Valley Center mall in Flint Township in Michigan. The video shows a black man punching a white store employee and knocking him to the ground.  He then hits him twice more as the man tries to crawl away, begging his assailant to stop. 

Damire Palmer (left) and Damarquay Palmer (right) are persons of interest in the attack at the Macy’s on June 15th. (Photos from Flint Twp. Police)

The video was filmed by the assailant’s brother “FT Quay”, a wannabe rapper, who then posts the assault video on social media.  The video goes viral and is applauded by many because Quay claimed the attack was justified because the Macy’s employee called them the “N” word.

Let’s say for a minute that what he says is true and the employee did indeed call them the “N” word.  How does that justify assault? If someone called me a “white-trash cracker”, would I then be justified in beating the hell out them?

Do you know what would happen in this country if assault was a reasonable and justified response to name calling? Wait, of course you do, we are living through it right now. The only exception is that apparently assault is only okay if you are a person of color. It doesn’t even need to be provoked as long as the person committing the assault claims it was provoked.

However, it has been proven that the attack was NOT provoked. Macy’s did an internal investigation and found the story the two brothers want you to believe, is completely false.

If you think about the story that was told, you have to be honest and ask yourself what are the chances of something like that really happening?  With what is going on in the country right now it’s extremely suspect.

The story goes that the two brothers were minding their business while shopping when one of the men held a shirt up over his body and asked the Macy’s employee, (who was on the phone at that time), “Does this shirt look too little?” The employee politely said, “Yes” and continued with his phone conversation and said to the person on the other end, “No one, just some n—r.”

At that point the man began beating the hell out of him.

His brother Quay later says to reporters “I’m behind my brother fully, because with everything else going on, what else can we do at this point?” 

Ummmm, here’s a thought, walk away. Assault is NOT justified because you were offended.

There are so many reasons why the story that Quay tells doesn’t add up in the least.

1. An employee would not have been speaking on a cell phone, it would have been the store phone and all lines are recorded. That would’ve been easy to prove or dis-prove.

2. Macy’s would not have cleared him if they didn’t have proof of his innocence; given what is going on in the country right now. Too many companies are being torn down by Black Lives Matter (BLM) because of racist accusations. If the employee had indeed made the racist slur he was accused of, there’s little to make us believe Macy’s would back their employee.   In this climate is there any doubt he would have been swiftly terminated and an immediate apology given to the black community?

3. Department stores like Macy’s have cameras everywhere. It would not take much to pull up footage from multiple angles and view what really happened.

It is good to see a company stand up for their employee rather than buckle due to fear of retaliation and retribution by BLM and other extremist groups. The police are still looking for the two men in the video.

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