I don’t know how many of you engage in social media but up until recently I only used Facebook to post family pictures and trivial things like that. Then the pandemic started and everything changed.

I started picking up on a lot of discrepancies amongst different news networks and noticing how the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Institute of Health Director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, would say one thing one week and the complete opposite the following week.  A lot of details were not adding up.

I started doing my own research and posting my findings online and almost all of them were met with extreme anger and disdain.  Why?  Well it is simple, because some people just couldn’t believe that I had the audacity to post something that was opposite of what they felt or believed.  It didn’t matter that I posted hard evidence to show how misleading several of the news channels were and exposed them for their manipulative tactics that gives journalists a bad name. They kept telling me I was wrong, I didn’t know what I was talking about, who am I to question Dr. Fauci, I’m a conspiracy theorist, and my personal favorite – that I care more about money than I do about human lives.

Does it make me ungrateful that I don’t appreciate the time they took out of their busy lives to attempt to educate me on their personal opinions and worldly views while simultaneously insulting me about mine?  I don’t think so.  I firmly believe that we as a society are allowed to feel jolted by the sudden and seismic societal shift brought on by this so called worldwide pandemic.

I look back on the month of March and am amazed at how compliant we all were.  Media driven fear robbed us of millions of special moments; things we can’t “do-over”. Things like funerals, weddings, high school and college graduations, and vacations are just a few.

I am deeply saddened by the fact farmers all across the country were forced to destroy tens of millions of pounds of fresh food— including milk, vegetables, eggs and not to mention all the animals they were forced to slaughter — all as a result of business loss during the closures and lockdown. 

We were robbed of a lot of life’s precious moments and the nation of its economic stability. Millions of dreams shattered, tens of thousands of businesses destroyed.  Why? That’s still the big question in the minds of many.

The quick and simple answer – to stop Trump from being re-elected in November.  Believe me though when I tell you this goes much deeper, but that is a story for another article.

All of these intrusive, life altering mandates because the coronavirus was the deadliest virus since the Spanish Flu.  We were told it was going to kill millions, especially our grandparents.

Little did we know there was a bizarre light at the end of this dark and dismal tunnel. All along there was a plan. Yes, I said it, they had a PLAN – The light that saved us all from a painful coronavirus demise – PROTESTING.

Overnight the fear and panic that enveloped the world was squashed and the looming threat of Covid-19 quickly dissipated. All of a sudden it was okay, even encouraged, for everybody to go out in droves to protest. 

However, there appears to be a virus caveat – unlike every other virus that doesn’t discriminate, the coronavirus does. Your life, and the lives of all your friends and family will be spared as long as you are protesting for racial equality and fighting against social injustices. 

A word of warning – please bear in mind – if you attempt to protest against the draconian measures taken by the government, like protesting the stay-at-home order, you are the problem in society because you clearly care more about money than people’s lives – therefore the virus will surely kill you dead right where you stand.

Looting, burning down businesses, committing assaults, shooting people under the cover of the protest mob is the only way you will be absolved from becoming infected with the lethal and atrocious Coronavirus.

How fortunate are we to have mayors and governors banding together, willing to kneel with the protesters and rioters calling for defunding/dismantling the police. According to them change never came from peaceful protesting alone and violence is what is needed to bring on change, all while ignoring the scorched earth on which they kneel.

These same elected officials continually pander to the black community while simultaneously funding and ignoring the extremists in their midst who want nothing more than the complete, irreparable destruction of American culture.  They need us divided to succeed.

You might ask yourself how does anyone seeing this continue to allow it to spiral so out of control?

Simple – they know what is happening is wrong but they are playing the “ignorance is bliss” card.  They are willing to look the other way as long as it means they can keep blaming Trump for everything.

We know of the other failed attempts to discredit Trump and take him down:  Russia collusion, obstruction of justice, a phone call to Ukraine, and of course ruining our strong economy by over-hyping COVID-19 and shutting down the country.

Now that people are wising up to the truth regarding COVID-19, the economy is starting to grow again.  People are slowly getting back to work. 

With just five months to go before the general election, someone needed a new game plan.  What better than to instill more fear, create anarchy to take down the President?  

Any guesses on what major nationwide crisis is coming next?

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