ReOpen Maryland’s Reopen Schools Project

From Reopen Maryland


ReOpen Maryland is asking for public support in getting the Maryland State Department of Education to reopen our schools under “normal” conditions. They request you share their one-page handout on Schools and Coronavirus with your own friends and send an email to MSDE at

They request you do this even if you do not have kids in school – businesses and the economy won’t fully open until life returns to normal.

Please go to their public page use the shareable form with your family, friends, Facebook, other social media friends and groups

ReOpen Maryland suggests you use the following language in your letter to MSDE:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a (parent/ taxpayer) in (school system). I am writing to request a full return to developmentally and socially appropriate, typical schooling for Maryland children in the fall. Reasonable precautions such as sanitation, hand-washing and reassignment of high-risk staff or students make sense.

However, additional recommendations such as remote “learning,” hybrid schooling, partial days, requiring students to wear masks, widely distanced desks, restricted playtime, and minimal socialization are developmentally inappropriate, socially constraining, and, most important, not based in current research and evidence about the transmissibility of COVID-19 among school children.

The death rate for children is currently around 1 in 1.25 MILLION. Children rarely transmit the virus and rarely become seriously ill. There has never been a documented case of COVID-19 transmission from a child to an adult. Please implement a science-based approach in making decisions for next year, minimizing the disruption to children’s academic and social well-being and following current evidence on how the virus actually affects children and the adults around them.

Thank you,

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