Principles Of Ethics: Back-Pocket Activism

A Crash Course for American Patriots Part 3 of 4


Recently, Congressman Cedric Richmond (D) verbally mauled Congressman Matthew Gaetz (R) for being white.  Richmond, an African American Harvard educated elite, believes that some people should have no voice in government or debate if they or their children are white!  Gaetz, who is white, replied with outrage in defense of himself and his son who is not white.  He was quickly silenced and mocked.

How much more will American patriots take?

Gaetz was manipulated.  The left prides themselves in eliciting a visceral response in both its allies and enemies: neuro-politicking.  It’s a powerful social science strategy to engage people politically and emotionally, regardless of truth and fairness.   As a result, American patriots are placed on the no-win defense.  We are forced to defend truth, our rights, dignity, gender, faith, and even our families.  The solution lies with defensible principled strategies.

The strongest most resilient voice in the public square, before the public eye, before the elected official is the voice backed by 10 universal principles.  Here are 2 more of the 10 principles to keep in your back pocket.  They will place the left on the defense and defeat their narrative.

Ethics: 2 Corollaries of The Silver Rule – The Foundation of Justice

Principle of Consistent Ends and Means

The end does NOT justify the means.

This principle is evident in the violent riots of Black Lives Matter and in fake news.  An unjust means cannot attain a just end.  The injustice of the means itself, leads to an unjust end.  Congressman Richmond’s means (remarks) are incendiary, unjust and indefensible.

There is an exception.  An objectively wrong means to prevent a greater evil can be acceptable. Recognized by the law malum in se (evil by its very nature) vs. malum prohibitum (wrong because it is prohibited by law) can distinguish an objectively wrong act from a person’s subjective culpability. 

This applies to self-defense, just war, and Atlanta police officer Garret Rolfe.  Murder is an unlawful act, but officer Rolfe was within the law, his intentions were not to do harm.  Officer Rolfe followed the law and the protocol of the Atlanta Police Department.  He should be exonerated.  The charges against him are objectively unjust.

Principle of Full Human Potential

Every Human being, or group of human beings, deserves to be valued according to the full level of human development NOT according to the level of development currently achieved. 

This principle originated in the 16th century by Dominican friar Bartolome de las Casas in defense of the “Indians of the New World” against Spanish slave traders.   The slave traders justified enslavement and execution on the grounds that the Indians had not achieved a European- style civilized culture.  

“In order to prevent a violation of non-maleficence (the Silver Rule), every human being must be valued at his ‘highest potential of development, because attaching a value to any lower form of development risks the possibility of undervaluing that human being (i.e. “inferior” or “less than human”).  This undervaluation, in turn, allows for a serious violation of non-maleficence, that is justifying killing, slavery, marginalization, isolation, etc., because this human being is thought to be “inferior” or “less than human”. 

Las Casas proved that regardless of development in knowledge, culture, capability or even dependence upon others, the Indians were no less human.  This understanding is both a judgement on principle based on a person’s inherent value, and a practical judgment.  Failure to render a proper judgment is an injustice that results in a radical violation of the Silver Rule.

Throughout history violations of this principle have justified slavery and genocide.  No human being including the unborn and disabled, can be justifiably branded as less than human because of stage in development or capability.  Abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, and doctor prescribed suicide are violations, along with branding all white humans as uncivilized racists.  All lives equally matter!

Call to Action

What if Congressman Gaetz took a different approach?  What if, instead of outrage, he directed Congressman Richmond to publicly agree that all men are created equal?  It would be easy, unless Richmond would rather publicly admit he’s a racist.  If Richmond agreed that all men are created equal, then he admits that all lives matter and everyone is born equally without prejudice.  

These principles are back-pocket tools to objectively dismiss without prejudice the left agenda.  They are the foundation for preserving liberty and justice.  Patriots must come to terms with where they stand, for the sake of the common good and liberty.  It comes with a price.  Let’s place the left on the defense.  Do you stand for justice?

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