Is Home School An Option For Your Family


Were you frustrated over distance learning?  Have your eyes been opened to what your child is actually being taught?  Perhaps they aren’t being taught what you think they should be learning at their age?  Are the lessons too repetitive?  Not repetitive enough?

Have you noticed your child was learning better from home and less anxious? 

Have you gained a whole new respect for what a classroom teacher is asked to do?  Are you now no longer confused why public education needs an overhaul?

Are you toying with the idea of pulling your child from public education to home schooling but don’t think you are qualified?

Before you give up on home schooling you have to understand that it is nothing like “distance learning”.

Distance learning is based on the curriculum and lessons designed around what Frederick County Public Schools and the Maryland State Department of Education think your child should be learning based on their age.  Real home schooling is whatever you dream it to be.

It could be a nightmare or, it could be all you ever hoped from public education but never got.

One thing is for sure, every concern you have will be addressed and corrected by the Administrator of your home school – you. 

If bullying occurs by any other “students” living in the house, punishment is always swift and approved by the parents.  Nothing happens to your child without your knowledge or consent.  Vaccines are optional.  You teach your child what you feel he or she needs to know to navigate the real world.

Per Maryland law the requirements for home schooling include:

“Provide regular, thorough instruction in the studies usually taught in the public schools to children of the same age.  Include instruction in English, math, science, social studies, art, music, health and physical education.  It must take place on a regular basis during the school year and be of sufficient duration to implement the instructional program.”  (See the information in the link to Maryland Home Instruction Regulations below.)

Today’s education model is still based on Common Core although it comes under a different name.  Children are taught based on their “age” and a calendar, not their abilities.  The curriculum used in public school is created by people who don’t live in your community, county and probably not even your state. 

You are in charge of the reading materials and resources.  You’re also in charge of how much time they spend on technology instead of interacting with other humans. 

When you home school you know who is in contact with your children, what they are learning and how they are learning it.

A student at home has the undivided attention of the teacher.  The teacher knows and cares if the student is struggling, in need of more enrichment or needs to go swing on the swings for 10 minutes to burn off some energy.

Home schooling is an achievable alternative to public education.  If you are considering it and need more information Frederick County has several home school groups:

If you want to investigate your options through Frederick County Public schools, you should contact Laura Ritchie (301-644-4012) or Joseph Burau (301-644-5244) at the Home Instruction Office.  You can also send them an email.

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