Ethics: Dan Bongino And The Judicial Committee

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Dan Bongino, former NY City police officer and lead Secret Service Agent, testified before the House Judicial Committee demonstrating an understanding of ethics, reason, and strength.  Dan’s testimony was powerful against the lunacy to defund the police. 

During the hearing, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries arrogantly told Dan Bongino that black lives matter.  Bongino replied; “All lives matter sir, all lives matter!”   Jeffries had no reply.  There is no defensible reply to rebut the statement that all lives matter! None! 

Why Ethics Matter – Governing the Governors

When college students are asked what is right or wrong, most answer; “it depends.”  They believe that some things, even if inherently evil are okay.  This is the flawed ethical relativism of the left.   We know there are objective truths, otherwise bridges would collapse.  Without the Silver Rule there is no foundation for justice, law, or liberty.

The Principle of Nonmaleficence: a.k.a. the Silver Rule

  •  Avoid unnecessary harm; if harm is unavoidable minimize it.
  •  Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you. 

The Silver Rule is the primary safeguard of inherent human dignity, unalienable rights, and liberty; it is fundamental to all other principles.  It takes looking beyond ourselves for the common good and for ourselves.  Ethics are not principles of convenience, nor are they conditional or subjective.  They have stood the test of time; they are consistent with principles of reason.

It’s Their Duty

Elected officials and members of the legal system are obligated to follow the Silver Rule.  It is a matter of duty.  Tort law is based upon this principle.  When legislators fail to uphold it, they commit one of the most fundamental injustices, and all other ethics become unachievable. 

No person seeks to do unnecessary harm to themselves, except maybe a masochist, therefore; no person should seek to harm others.  No argument against this principle is rational or defensible!  

This is why we can say without question or shame that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is wrong.  We cannot demand for ourselves, what we are unwilling to extend to others.  BLM cannot fairly demand justice, without extending it to others.  Stating that all white Americans are racist by their very existence is not justice; it is bias.  BLM seeks to do harm and they have. 

A Mistake to Avoid

Most lawmakers believe there must be “complete evidence or consensus” when making policy decisions.  No!  Without full evidence or consensus, the Silver Rule still applies before anything else.  This principle requires that if we are uncertain about the capacity or qualities inherent in any individual or group, we must presume they exist and make decisions accordingly.

This means, if there is a question about innocence before proven guilty, sentience, personhood, goodness, transcendence, etc., then we must presume that these qualities are present.  The Silver Rule protects all human life.  Failure to recognize this is a violation of all ethics and law.  From the Supreme Court, to BLM, to abortion, to Hitler, history is replete with violations.

If judges and lawmakers followed this one principle, BLM would be dismissed without prejudice.   Elected officials would have confidence in their decisions to support the good police and safety in the streets.  Americans would be less likely to be intimidated, truth would prevail, and society would be less litigious.  

Call to Action

I call on all Americans.  “This is not a matter of left or right, it is a matter of up or down;” as President Reagan said.  America can be lifted up or driven into the pits of totalitarian hell. 

I call on GOP and conservative clubs, groups and communities to teach the teachers.  Bring this forgotten knowledge to light.  Adopt it in your own lives, you will be happier if you do.  Uphold it!  

I call on Central Committees and Commissions to defend this principle and support candidates with ethics, or step down!  I call on voters to insist elected officials maintain this principle.  I call on elected officials to uphold their duty.

Dan Bongino is intimidated by no one; he stands on the principle of the Silver Rule and reason.  We can stand strong too!  Have Hope! Teach everyone!  Pay it forward!  Demand nothing less of yourselves and others.  Govern the governors.  Be patient; it takes time.  Kneel to no one but an almighty God.  Be the agent of change for the common good.

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