When Science Takes Away Your Rights


During this COVID-19 epidemic, there is a hidden pandemic.  A dangerous infection has pervaded American society; it is scientism.  Scientism is the notion that science is the best and only objective means, by which a society should determine what is safe or unsafe, right or wrong, normal or abnormal, acceptable or unacceptable.

Scientism is the enforcement of thought while ignoring the nature of knowledge, justification, and the rationality of belief.  Proponents of scientism DEMAND diversity, but tolerate zero diversity of thought and conscience.  Fueled by numbers and data sets, the perspective of scientism denies standards of reasoning and the realities of the world around us.  

Science is a means of discovery.  It should not serve as a mental state of mind or self-appointed authority.  Science provides knowledge; it does not provide political or social legitimacy. Scientism is cult-like. 

Taken a step further, scientism drives away liberty by dictating thought and actions.  Like nuclear destruction, scientism obliterates the three fundamental transcendent desires of humanity. These desires unify all Americans and all people: the desire for truth, beauty, and intellectual morality. The fallout from scientism is life long, especially if intellectual morality is eradicated.

Intellectual morality is not religious; it is a shared knowledge that need not be taught.  No one wants to be robbed, assaulted, cheated, slandered, libeled, blackmailed, nor have rights dictated or revoked.  Even a toddler will cry if you take away his or her teddy bear. Teaching is not necessary.

Intellectual morality, also called natural law is the basis for justice and has been the foundation of tort law.  It translates to two simple things: the golden and silver rules. These are the basic guideposts for decision making in a society that values justice and liberty – this empowers us!

Americans are obligated to adhere to these two enduring rules. Yes, this means elected officials, as well!  Do we really think that freedom comes with no cost or responsibility?  Liberty and justice can only be preserved and upheld when all Americans uphold the foundation of these ideals. To do otherwise, results in chaos, and mob rule.  It is up to each one of us to choose.

The application of scientism is mob rule!  For example, today we remain hostage in our homes.  Appointed by data alone, policymakers and the medical associations have justified unfathomable job loss and the destruction of small businesses. Economic seizure has been employed as a strategy for disease prevention and control, and fellow Americans have been deemed as potentially life-threatening to one another.

For the first time healthy Americans have been quarantined.  Doctors have refused to treat Americans with chronic and serious illnesses. This is a moral and ethical crisis!  Like a virus or drug, the reliance on medical science alone, has infected logic, reason and the need for truth.

Science IS NOT capable of describing all reality and knowledge.  Science is a treasured and valuable tool, which is used to determine some findings as obsolete!  It is something that we must hold dear and monitor diligently to ensure it is used justly. 

We can never trust that scientific advances and data will always be used responsibly.  We must accept that scientific advances and technology will always fall into the “wrong hands,” under the guise of promoting safety and providing cures.

There is a solution to the dictatorship of scientism.  A commitment to uphold and adhere to the golden and silver rules is necessary. Engagement in the political process unified by our fundamental desires is vital. 

The narrative that falsely claims we are powerless and divided must be rejected and replaced with self-evident truths.  We must restore the knowledge that we are unified by that which is inherent among us: the three transcendent desires.  Once we begin there, we can later reinstate the standards of reasoning, the nature of knowledge and justification, and the norms that serve all human life and liberty.

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Patricia (Patti) Price is a scientist and healthcare executive. She is a generalist with over 30 years of experience in every area of clinical laboratory medicine. Early in her career she began her involvement with health care regulations and policy. Working in various settings, including acute care, and managed care, she developed a strong working knowledge of health systems, and human services policy. She has advised White House cabinet members, as well as members of the ministry of health in more than 15 countries. She has served on the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee, as well as a partisan steering committee on Capitol Hill. She has built and managed clinical laboratories around the world, as well as medical and surgical specialty clinics in the United States. Civic engagement and liberty is important to her; she loves God, country, and family. Patricia is extremely grateful to be an American citizen, the only country in the world where one’s dreams can come true with hard work and commitment. She hopes to inspire and empower her readers.