To The Graduating Class Of 2020


As schools draw closer to graduation, I wanted to take a second to say something to the Graduating Class of 2020. I know things have been REALLY crazy for all of you and believe it or not it will get crazier, so buckle up!

Some of you will continue your education in pursuit of degrees and I wish you all the luck in the world. Others will join the military, as I did, and serve your country, to you that chose that route I say, welcome to the family. While others will go directly into the work force and learn on the job or go to trade schools and learn a valuable skill that will carry them into world.

No matter what path you choose, I wish you good luck. I would like to share some advice with you, hopefully you don’t mind, that I’ve learned in my 46 years of living, I hope some of it is useful to you. 

·          As soon as you get your diploma, high school won’t matter. By that I mean, no matter how popular you were, who you dated, what parties you were or weren’t invited to, etc., none of that matters now. The only thing that matters is you graduated, the easy part is over.

·         Remember that anything you want, you need to work for. No one is going to give you anything.

·         Don’t believe what you hear on the news, while this country isn’t perfect, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. If you really want to know what’s going on, turn off the TV, put down the newspaper and actually TALK to people.

·         Hate is contagious.  It’s like a cancer that destroys the people who carry it, don’t hate anyone for anything, you’re not going to agree with everyone about everything and vice versa. That’s part of life and it’s ok.

·         Stand up for what is right, it may cost you some “friends” but that’s ok; trust me you’re better off without them.

·         While surrounding yourself with people that have the same goals as you is important, so are the ones that can make you laugh and think. Being goofy once and awhile will keep your outlook positive.

·         When it’s time to play, play when it’s time to work, work. A strong work ethic will get you further than you think. Remember balance is also important.

·         Travel to places you’ve never been whenever you can, I firmly believe it’s one of the best forms of education.

·         Be involved in your life, not just and observer.

·         Live your life the way you feel is best, remember you only get one, this isn’t a practice run.

·         Stand up and admit when you’re wrong.  Don’t make excuses, mistakes are one of the few things that you truly can call your own.

·         Sleep in once in a while.

·         Have breakfast for dinner, it’s awesome.

·         Step out of your comfort zone once in a while, test yourself, you’re going be shocked at what you can do.

·         Be kind to everyone you meet, especially if they don’t deserve it.

·         If you become a leader, never ask your people to do something you yourself wouldn’t do. Also, roll up your sleeves and work next to your people once in a while, it will build respect.

·         Don’t forget to call your Mom and Dad.

·         Laugh as much as possible, never take yourself too seriously.

These are just a few of my opinions, they aren’t gospel, take’em or leave’em, it’s up to you. I just hope that in some small way they might help you at some point in your life. Maybe one day you can add some of what you’ve learned to the list and pass it on, that would be truly awesome.

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