What’s The Magic Number That Ends Maryland’s House Arrest?


What number does it take for Hogan to free us from house arrest, give business owners back control of their businesses and send people back to work and joyful living? 

How many “essential” personnel are allowed out and about?  Is there a cut-off?  Are all of the politically connected “essential”?

The liquor store owner is not essential “to me.”  Carry out food is not essential “to me.”  I’m essential to my family and you are essential to your family so why are we prisoners in our own homes?  There is no authority on this Earth that gives the Governor the power to deem any of us “non-essential”.

Has anyone asked the magic number?  Waiting for two less people per day to die, hardly seems acceptable or reason enough to hold over six million people hostage? 

I don’t understand the magic of 14 days without an increase?  We’ve been in a decline for over two weeks.  So, how many? 

Many people aren’t staying home and the rate of increase is slowing.  There is NO reason to keep Maryland shut down.  Fear should not be driving public policy.

  • 516 potential virus related deaths (April 20, 2020).
  • 6,046,000 population per 2019 Census.
  • Is .00853% of the population (POINT 00853%)
  • 13,684 confirmed cases
  • 6,046,000 population
  • Is .23% of the population (POINT 23%)
  • 300,000 unemployed (not including those who haven’t been able to file, or self-employed who can’t) 
  • 3,283,140 Maryland’s labor participation force
  • Is 9.14% of Marylanders who want to work and have been able to file, are forced to not work and remain under house arrest for .23853% of the population.

    100% under house arrest
  • 9.14% forced into potential poverty
  • .23853% holding ALL the power cards (POINT 23853%)

Is it me, or is everyone making money off of this pandemic except your average hard working American? Governor Hogan announced purchasing virus tests from Korea? No American company had what we needed?

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