Things To Do This Weekend, Tomorrow And Every Day


Friday through Sunday – Frankly, every day of the week.

You may have noticed this section of our website has been missing for the last few Friday posts.  Well, what’s a person “to do” when the governor dictates a “shelter in place”?

We have a few suggestions:

1.  For the average person – Open your front door; poke your head out; look to the left; look to the right; step back in side; close the front door.  The brave among you may attempt to step outside, take a deep breath, step back inside and then close the front door.  If you dare stretch your arms while taking a deep breath, don’t touch your neighbors.  (I’m not sure how that’s possible from your front stoop, but some seem to be afraid of that and are calling the police if they see people loitering outside for an unacceptable amount of time, participating in “non-government sanctioned” movement.)

2.  For the truly daring – Open your back door; step outside; light up the grill; pull up a lawn chair; cook some burgers and hot dogs.  Be aware of your surroundings as some neighbors may be giving you “the glare” from behind their curtains.  Keep track of your time and your movement.

3.  For those of you living on the edge – Grab your car keys; get the family (hopefully there are less than 10); pile in the car; check the gas gauge; take a drive through the neighborhood; travel out into the country and view the beauty that has been reported to The Tentacle, is still there.  If you are truly living on the edge, roll down a window, or four.  Keep your “papers” on you at all times when leaving your home.  No, not “toilet” paper, the governors Executive Order.

4.  For the rabble-rouser and rebel – Put on your jogging/hiking shoes, grab nine friends and head out to the nearest open park, or hiking trail and LIVE.  Take deep breaths, enjoy the sun or the mist or whatever nature has handed you on a platter that day.  Along with your “papers” make sure you have a copy of your U.S. Constitution and your attorney’s business card on you.

5.  Most importantly, don’t forget your sense of humor.  Don’t forget to smile, listen to music, paint a picture, sing a song, stick your hands in goo, make silly faces and soak up the JOY that is LIVING.  This will pass.  When it does let’s remember how we got here and who put us here.  Let’s come up with plans so that FREEDOM remains and this NEVER happens again.

From The Tentacle – Stay safe.  Be responsible.  Laugh, smile, love and live.

For God Sakes – Wash your freak’n hands and STOP touching things that don’t belong to you.  You know, the crap your Mom has been telling you for years!  Yeah, Boomers, we know stuff.

If you would like to share your weekend event happening in Frederick, Washington, Carroll and Montgomery Counties in Maryland; Jefferson County in West Virginia or Loudon County Virginia, please e-mail details the Monday before to:

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