Reopen Maryland – Call To Action!


Reopen Maryland, a grassroots group that held a successful rally opposing Governor Hogan’s continuation of shutting down Maryland, is calling for further action; but it’s not what you are thinking.

Len Foxwell, Comptroller Peter Franchot’s chief of staff, made a concerning and incendiary comment about their April 18 rally days before it was to take place.  We’ll let his Facebook post speak for itself.

Regardless of what political party you affiliate with, I think reasonable people will agree this kind public discourse is not acceptable from elected officials nor their staff. 

Reopen Maryland is asking everyone interested in restoring civil discourse among people who disagree, to contact not only the Governor’s office and the Comptroller’s office regarding disciplinary action, but to contact the media as well.  Contact information is provided below. 

It’s time to restore citizen controlled governance.  Put people before parties and to treat those we disagree with, with the respect every human deserves. 

The points Reopen Maryland would like you to consider are:

  • He used his official position and lied to get into the Reopen Maryland group. Was he lying then or now?
  • He has wished ill and even worse, on people who simply disagree with him on policies.
  • His defense that it was satire (which no one can believe) has changed to he was talking about extremists. Would that also make him an extremist if accurate?
  • Lastly, his page is full of examples of his disdain for his constituents, the people who pay his salary.
  • Remind the Comptroller, who is running for Governor, we will remember how he handles this in 2022.

Be respectful or you will not be heard, and we all need to be heard.

Governor Larry Hogan
100 State Circle
Annapolis, MD 21401-1925

Comptroller’s Ombudsman:
Dana Frank BukerAddress: 80 Calvert Street
PO Box 466
Annapolis, MD 21404-0466

Fox 45
WBFF FOX452000 W 41st Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

3800 Hooper Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211

3725 Malden Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211
Tips: 410-578-7568

WMAR-2 News
6400 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212

Washington Post
1301 K Street, NW.Washington, DC 20071
News Service Desk: 202-334-7666 (6 a.m. – 1 a.m. Eastern Time) 800-477-4679          

Share the responses on your personal pages and add #ReopenMD to it.

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