Feral Cats Still Need Attention


The Department of Agriculture has delayed the grant process for their Spay and Neuter Grant program.    Organizations like Tip Me Frederick rely on those funds as well as the generous contributions of our Frederick County community.

The Maryland State Department of Agriculture has helped spay/neuter over 59,000 animals to date.  This funding helps prevent tens of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies from being born and possibly euthanized.  The work our local groups do is vital to the health of our communities as well as the health of the animals they serve. 

Not only are they going to start running short on funds, but vet centers are not providing the same level of spaying and neutering due to “social distancing” mandates from the governor’s office. 

When our trap and release volunteers are back up and running, they are going to need us now more than ever.   Don’t let years of relentless locating, finding, trapping, transporting and caring for feral and farm animals take a giant step backwards.  Let’s help fill their bank account so they are ready to hit the ground running!

Before the shutdown Tip Me Frederick helped spay and neuter dozens of cats before “kitten season” officially began.  Unfortunately the Coronavirus pandemic halted this process.  One of the many unintended consequences of shutting down society is now hundreds of cats will be able to procreate.  It’s a giant step backwards in controlling the feral and stray cat populations.

While Tip Me Frederick is in a hold pattern for trapping, they are still available to help those in need of assistance in caring for cats you can’t get to during this lockdown.  If you need help with feeding or advice, please contact them.  Their information is in the hyperlink above. 

Tip Me Frederick will be holding a Mother’s Day candle fundraiser with Pet House One Fur All around the 20th.  Stay tuned for details. 

You can also participate in their current Fun Pasta Fundraiser.  Their goal is $500.  You know you can’t resist pasta and I KNOW you are tired of cooking boring food.   This pasta comes in fun shapes like puppy and kitty paws, horses and horse shoes, musical notes, bunnies, footballs, sports teams, Christmas shapes and more.   You know this writer bought the chicken shaped pasta found in “Down on The Farm Mac and Cheese”. 

While we are waiting for normal to return, take a few minutes, change a furry friends life, make a donation either through the pasta fundraiser or directly, on their website.

Listed below are other Frederick County resources for free or reduced spaying/neutering (if you know of others, please email them to info@thetentacle.com and we will add them):

Frederick County Humane Society
Pets/Cats/Dogs of low income residents
Contact: Connie Graf 301-694-8300

Animal Welfare League of Frederick County

Washington County Humane Society
Pets/Cats/Dogs of low income residents
Contact: Nikki Houser 301-733-2060

Howard County
Sunshine’s Friends Cat and Dog Rescue
Pets/Cats/Dogs of low income residents
Contact: Beverly Burnham

Please also check the Pet Smart Charities finder here.

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