Over-Heard In The Elevator


Over-heard in the elevators in Annapolis, Senators Michael Hough (R) Frederick/Carroll; J.B. Jennings (R) Baltimore/Harford; Johnny Salling (R) Baltimore; Adelaide Eckardt (R) Caroline/Dorchester/Talbot/Wicomico; George Edward (R) Garrett/Allegany/Washington and Andrew Serafini (R) Washington, were all strong-armed by Senator Bill Ferguson (D) Baltimore City to vote for the budget busting Kirwan Bill.

Photo Credit Lisa Sugarman

What was heard is that Senator Ferguson was so determined to have HB1300 (Blue Print for Maryland’s Future, a/k/a the Kirwan bill) be a bipartisan supported bill, he refused to give the above mentioned Senators money for their county projects unless they voted in support.

This fits with Senator Hough trying to defend his vote by explaining money had been brought back to Frederick County to help his constituents.  Except for the fact he was on WFMD radio previously saying just how horrible a bill it was.  Did these Senators buy some tractors for their counties after they already sold off the farm? 

How do you in good conscience commit tax payers to funding such a huge money gobbling bill while seeing the Wuhan virus pandemic looming on our horizon?

More importantly, why are these six Senators allowing themselves to be extorted?  What exactly is a bridge to far?

* * *

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The public deserves to know what our elected servants are keeping from us.   We elect them to “serve”, not “dictate”.  It’s time to bring back accountability through community participation.

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