Coronavirus – The Case For Self-Reliance

Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best


If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s the dangers of centralized anything.  No one government, one company or one person should have complete control of the supply line.  Whether that is a supply line for the nation’s food, clothing, medicine, fuel, information or armaments.

Before bureaucrats outsourced our manufacturing overseas we didn’t need to worry about “globalism”.  The dangers of being a globalist are the reasons why national and personal sovereignty are paramount.  If a nation or person relies on others for its food, building supplies, medicine, information and security, it’s made vulnerable by that reliance.  We do business with many treacherous countries and companies because of outsourcing. 

Closer to home, who controls where you get your food, clothing, medicine, gasoline, heating oil, electricity and safety?  Have you considered what you would do if the shelves at your local market started to go bare?  What will you do if there is a fuel shortage?  Where would you get the baby diapers?  Do you have cloth ones?  How about tooth paste, aspirin, Band-Aids, bacitracin?  Soap, laundry detergent?  Could you make due for three to six months?  Longer?   

Your internet goes down, do you have printed materials on how to handle emergencies?  Grow food? Preserve food? Make potable water?  How about a map, do you have a basic road map?  A list of phone numbers for when you need to call via your landline?  Do you have a landline?  Cell phone use may be very limited, if it exists at all. 

Are you willing to shrug it off to fate and say – meh?

What’s your plan? Now is as good a time as any to sit down and think about what personal responsibility actually looks like and make a plan.   Because when the crap really and truly hits the fan, the local Sheriff, as fabulous as he is, can’t handle thousands and thousands of emergencies all at once.  Neither can the local hospital.

When the shop keeper is down to his last can of beans and you both need it for survival, who’s getting it?  Who are you trusting with your well-being and personal safety?  Can the police or other first responder arrive in time to save you?  You are your first responder.

Don’t you have a fire extinguisher to keep the small flames at bay until the firemen arrive?  Why not for other kinds of emergencies?

What is so far-fetched or “conspiracy” minded to think it might be a good idea to keep three to six month’s worth of dried, canned and frozen goods?  You should keep bottled water, flashlights, battery operated radios and batteries in case you lose power and or can’t afford to pay your electric bill. 

What if you lose your job because China goes down, taking our supply chain with it?  Is your job so secure you aren’t worried about being laid off or fired?  Do you have a few hundred or thousand dollars locked away somewhere safe?  Not in a bank because they may not give you access.

These aren’t things only the conspiracy minded contemplate and plan for.  Working for a great lawyer for 15 years taught me you plan for every contingency.  I used to say he was so thorough, he wrote the possibility of alien invasions into his contracts.

What are you prepared for?

Consumable supplies may get low in a national emergency.  A good idea would be to keep at least a six month supply.  If you have pets, plan for their long term needs.  You might lose your job; have six months to a year of wages safely stored.  Keep an heirloom seed supply, these could become as valuable as gold.  Have you gamed out the worst case scenario?  What are your family’s basic survival needs?  Where will you and your family meet if separated?  Can you defend yourselves from those who didn’t plan ahead? 

The easiest part of planning for tis is to laugh it off.  Chalk it up to paranoia at your own expense. No one likes to think about the possibility of a national emergency and hard times.  People in Venezuela never thought they’d be scrounging through dumpsters, eating Zoo animals or family pets.

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