Coming Together For Those In Need


When David Perez called and asked if I could help lend a hand helping make sure the 12 recovery houses in Frederick County had food during this crazy time, I didn’t hesitate.

He explained since the shutdown of non-essential businesses, a lot of the residents were out of work and would need some help. He came up with a Facebook post and we shared it far and wide with everyone we knew. It wasn’t long before the donations started coming in.

David got permission to use ETC Services, LLC’s parking lot on Market Street as a donation point. He was and is there daily collecting non-perishable and hygiene products from many Frederick County residents that have stepped up to help.

The support, while extremely generous, wasn’t surprising. Frederick County residents are a great group of people.  We have always managed to come together in times of need to help those around us.

David suggested we reach out to local businesses and food banks. Mt. Airy Net was one of the suggestions he came up with. I reached out to them and spoke with Jami Trumbower, Mt. Airy Net’s Pantry Manager. She and her crew where more than helpful. They donated several totes full of food and bags full of hygiene products for the residents. Several other businesses have set up donations as well. 

“The people in these homes are sometimes overlooked when things happen that effect the community” says David. He went on to say “They are a part of the community, a vulnerable part, and we need to help them from time to time.”  During the shutdown, many places they attend support meetings are closed and that causes stress or adds to an already stressful situation. “We just need to help them like we would help anyone else that would be struggling.”

Many items are still needed and would be greatly appreciated, male and female hygiene products are needed the most. Of course non-perishable food items are always welcome . Toys for children 10 years old and younger would also be greatly appreciated. If it’s something you use in your home it most likely is needed in theirs. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated.

During times like these it’s nice to see communities coming together to help one another. The residents of Frederick County’s recovery and support houses are struggling to do the right thing, and deserve help. Why they are there doesn’t matter, neither does what they did.  What matters is they are our neighbors in need, who could use help and that’s ALL that matters. 

If you’d like to donate food, toys or money to help pay for some items please check out the Gofundme, “Support the Recovery”.

If you have questions or would like to know where to drop off donations, schedule a pick-up or find out how you can help, please feel free to email David Perez at or Jonah Eisenberg at David is at the ETC parking lot Sunday through Saturday, 12-2:00 p.m.  He would like to thank everyone that has already donated and thanks in advance to everyone that will. Together, we can make sure everyone gets through these trying times.

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