Have Parents Checked Out Of Public Education?


A long term substitute teacher shares porn with children.  Another teacher displays the Swastika in his classroom.  Who knows what else has been going on at Thomas Johnson High School or anywhere else in Frederick County Public Schools? It seems FCPS has become extremely efficient in hiding the truth from parents.  It’s to be expected since, they’ve had A LOT of practice.

They managed to keep the drug problem, bullying, violence, gang issues and poor reading scores under wraps.  Is it just that not enough parents care about what the Board of Education is doing? It seems parents are more concerned with their 2nd Amendment rights, which are important, but we shouldn’t let FCPS eradicate parental rights by doing whatever they choose.  Where is the resistance to that?

If a stranger, on the street, stopped several children and showed them pornographic material, people would be screaming for the police to arrest him immediately, but no public out-cry about the teacher. Why?

A couple of weeks ago people actually defended a teacher displaying a Swastika in this very same school.  It’s also the same building where school administrators requested a couple of students remove or cover up tee shirts with Rebel Flags on them.  Does it seem FCPS gets to operate under different standards than the rest of us?  Where is the outrage and demands for termination? Why are so many seemingly passive when FCPS does things anyone else would be fired or arrested for? The answer, retaliation.

I’ve spoken with many parents and hear horror stories of issues their children have had to deal with. I hear how no one helps them and when they talk to people on the BoE they get nothing. When I ask if they have contacted someone outside FCPS for help, or if I can mention them in an article, I get the same response “No, I can’t, they’ll retaliate against me or my kids.”

Don’t think it’s true? Remember last year the teacher that was assaulted by the same student for half of the school year? She reported it to the school administrators and was ignored. The physical attacks continued, so the husband reached out to Brad Young and Superintendent Alban and got absolutely nothing. FCPS actually punished the teacher in retaliation for the husband getting involved. The teacher eventually quit and never planned to teach again. Still don’t think they retaliate, how many times has Brad Young been called out or censured for bullying/harassing parents on social media? Look into it, you’ll be shocked.

At some point more parents (and FCPS staff) are going to have to step forward and fight back. If not for the parent currently speaking about the sub and the alleged sharing of porn, you’d know nothing. She is taking a stand and I say OUTDAMNSTANDING! More people need to follow her lead and make waves. No one cares about your children more then you, and if you’re not going to stand up for them and make waves, who will?

The BoE and FCPS can only bully parents if the parents let them. They work for you, most of them have forgotten that.

Board member Elizabeth Barrett said she didn’t care what parents thought, she would vote based on what she wanted. Does that sound like someone putting the needs of all Frederick students and families first or are they the words of someone driven by an agenda?

They’ve formed a Racial Equality Committee because of all the “racism” in FCPS.  They are accusing their own of systemic racism with no proof, and everyone falls inline! If I didn’t know these things were true I’d think it was a joke, a bad joke, but a joke nonetheless.

Bottom line is this, over the last few years things in FCPS have gotten worse. There is no reason to believe they’re going to get better either.  Why would they?  The leadership has changed very little, so how would things improve?

More parents need to speak up and bring more of the crap FCPS tries to cover up into the light. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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