Cox’s General Assembly Report 2020 – Volume 1 Part II


Guest Columnist: Delegate Dan Cox


Similar to the handgun board fight, the same last two weeks have been packed with fighting a dangerous registration bill of rifle and shotgun transfers requiring back-ground checks, which the Democrats have touted as their premier “gun control” legislative goal.

I was asked by our caucus leadership to help fight the bill and seek its defeat, which I have done with my Republican Judiciary colleagues.  We were able to succeed in amending its most onerous parts, including granting total exceptions to gun clubs, shooting competitions, hunting and many other situations including an exception for family members.  The bill still violates our Second Amendment rights and I will vote against it, though it appears poised to pass.


The last two weeks have included Frederick Delegation meetings where I have introduced several bills that have received support to date from the delegation.

First, a bill to exempt the town of Thurmont from the solar mandate and save the town residents at least $250,000 on their electric bills received unanimous vote of support from the Delegation and was filed.

Second, the Town of Mt. Airy asked me to put in a bill to give them blight removal authority, like the City of Frederick and 60 other Maryland towns possess.  I plan to have the bill filed by next Wednesday.  This is a measure that has raised interest from the towns of Walkersville and Brunswick as well.

Additionally, I have introduced a common-sense bill entitled the Good Teacher Protection Act, to re-establish order in the classroom by extending the Good Samaritan law to teachers who intervene in classroom fights and disruptions.  It is widely supported across both parties at this point and is endorsed by the teacher’s association and union.  I am also preparing to file a bill to protect students from mass shootings and attacks entitled the Meadow Pollack Law, after the Florida teen, which will authorize a tax deductible donation Fund for the State to pay public and private schools money for installing bullet-proof glass, point of entry security and other measures to keep our kids safe and secure in school.

I have also introduced bill to support volunteer first responders, allowing them a tax credit and also providing a buy-in to the State health insurance.

Finally, I have several bills in final drafting including a veteran’s IMPROVE act for Maryland, to help end the 22 veteran suicides a day by authorizing state mental health services for veterans and qualifying family members, and pro-life bills including a bill to protect Down Syndrome babies from selection abortion.

It is my sincere privilege to represent you in Annapolis in our State government.  Please call or e-mail our office with any constituent concerns that we may be able to help with.  My chief of staff, Sallie, may be reached at our office at: 410-841-3288 or .

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