Frederick Has A German Heritage, But Nazis?


Hayden Duke

On a snowy day at the end of 1944 my grandfather, a country boy from Rockville, who was all of 18 took part in the Battle of the Bulge. He killed Nazi’s. More specifically, he took out several SS members (Schutzstaffel; “Protection Squadron” in English).

Nazi’s are the worst of humanity; they are that rare group that combines all the negative attributes that a human can have: anti-Semitism, racism, misogyny, racial superiority. They saw themselves as Nietzsche’s “ubermensch” or “over lords.” We saw them as the enemy of humanity.

The Frederick Democrat party, or at least whoever is in charge of their social media sees them on the ballot in 2020. On December 30, 2019 at 9:17 AM the post on the Frederick Democrat’s Facebook page reads, “75 years ago Patriotic Americans went to France to throw out the Nazis. Next year all you have to do is go to the polls. #bluewave.”

Do I think all or even most Democrats believe this? No, I don’t. I think it is incredibly disturbing that some do and they feel comfortable stating this belief publicly.

You might be thinking that it stops there, that some halfwit got ahold of the Facebook account and posted a dollop of foolishness. If you thought that you’d be wrong.

Fresh off his balloon ban, Councilman Kai Hagen thought he would opine on this issue as well. On or about January 4th he wrote the following, “Whatever folks might hear on FOX, the Nazis were not socialists, much less democratic socialists. They were corporatists, supporting a government of and for the most powerful corporate interests in Germany. Nazis were fascists. And Nazis were far right-wing Christian conservative nationalists.” He followed it up with the money line, “Sounds more like Trumpism than Democratic Socialism.”

The good Councilmember, after having vanquished the balloon menace and clearly seeing no further issues facing Frederick County, continued to devote his time to the discussion of the Night of the Long Knives – the Nazi Purge of Ernst Rohm and others – and the philosophy of the Nazi party.

While the “Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party” (NSDAP or better known as the Nazi Party) did have socialism in their name it was National Socialism which was more right-wing, yes. But, a little thing called the Horseshoe Theory posits that the far left and the far right have far more in common than they would like to believe.

But, quite honestly, none of that matters. We are told that Nazis are on the ballot in 2020. The only question I have is, who? Name names, tell me who. Then, tell me what makes them Nazis.

Disliking someone or thinking their policies are too right wing doesn’t make them a Nazi, it makes you an intellectually vapid Muppet who should acknowledge the tree or trees out there whose sole purpose on earth is to replace the oxygen you waste.

What’s more, calling someone a Nazi, especially in these timesDe is dangerous. The Frederick Democrat Party should be ashamed and should remove that post. There are no Nazis here, there are no torch light rallies, there are no fist fights in the street, there is no Kristallnacht – thank God.

Calling Republicans and Conservative Nazi’s is a dog whistle, it is almost saying that if someone is a Nazi any and everything can be done to them because no red blooded American could – or should – stomach the Nazi filth.

It also seems to imply that if Nazis are on the ballot that anyone who votes for them either is a Nazi themselves or supports Nazis. I certainly hope the person who made this post is not stating that Republicans and Conservatives are Nazi sympathizers.

In my next piece we will discuss what the Nazis actually believed and what the current political parties believe. We will also look at the comments of one member of the Democratic Central Committee who also felt the need to defend these comments and connect the dots from the Austrian corporal to Donald Trump. Something tells me he has too little understanding of history and too much time on his hands.

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