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David 'Kip' Koontz 
Articles By David 'Kip' Koontz 
March 22, 2005 Off With His Head.err...I Mean Hat
March 15, 2005 Is Supporting Peace Un-Patriotic?
March 9, 2005 GOP Tactics Skirt The Truth
February 2, 2005 Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing
January 19, 2005 It All Seems So Incongruous!
December 27, 2004 Where's The True Meaning of The Season?
October 29, 2004 Iraqi Munitions Fiasco Belies Bush's Claim
July 21, 2004 God's Word Is Beneficial, But...
July 8, 2004 Bad Judgment or Simply Oversight?
July 2, 2004 Moore's Movie Simply Demonstrates His Dissent
June 24, 2004 Juxtaposing the Hypocrisy
June 17, 2004 From The Sublime To The Ridiculous
May 27, 2004 Is The Golden Rule Out The Window?
May 20, 2004 What’s The Matter, Hon? No Speaka de English?
May 7, 2004 Weather Forecasting Was Mom's Forté
April 29, 2004 Oil and Vinegar in Our National Psyche
April 16, 2004 Does President Bush Know What He Is Doing?
April 9, 2004 First Case Victory Bodes Well For the Sick
April 2, 2004 A Real Expensive Wild Goose Chase
March 19, 2004 Has Senator Mooney Finally Gotten The Message?
March 12, 2004 Ads Conjure Up Wrong Images
March 4, 2004 Genesis: How To Be Safe and Sorry At The Same Time
February 26, 2004 Who's Going to Come To Our Aid?
February 20, 2004 Preventing One Illness Oils A Slippery Slope
February 5, 2004 Stop The Blame Game!
January 27, 2004 The State of Bush’s Union Skips Reality
January 22, 2004 Bill Lee Also Had A Dream
January 7, 2004 Looking Back, Looking Forward and Hoping
December 11, 2003 Is Capitalism Driving Bush Foreign Policy?
December 4, 2003 Here We Go Again!
November 24, 2003 Make The World Safe From Hypocrisy
November 12, 2003 Stop The Parade, I Want To Get Off!
October 29, 2003 Tarnished Gold Polished, But.
October 21, 2003 In The City of Frederick, Who's Responsible?
October 10, 2003 The Good, The Bad and The...
October 3, 2003 Can We Really Trust This Investigation?
September 25, 2003 Are Sinkholes Truly A Serious Concern? You Betcha!
September 22, 2003 A Rolle Challenge Might Dispel Notion of Divine Right
September 12, 2003 Simple-Minded Modes Of Discrimination
August 22, 2003 Wings Of Freedom Is More Than An Airshow
August 14, 2003 Why Not Here In Frederick?
August 1, 2003 It's a Question of Business
July 25, 2003 And The Wheel Keeps Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
July 16, 2003 Were We Duped On The Reasons For The Iraq Conflict?
July 1, 2003 Jenita Raises Concerns About Working For The City
June 25, 2003 Too Little, Too Late
June 17, 2003 A Sinister Conspiracy Or A Random Act?
June 10, 2003 A Meeting We Could Have Done Without
June 4, 2003 What's Good For The Goose....
May 27, 2003 Where Would We Be Without Public TV?
April 25, 2003 What's Really Going On Over There?
April 17, 2003 Another Snafu Nearly Causes Drought At City's Golf Course
April 11, 2003 Mayor’s Power Play Lands In The Rough
April 2, 2003 Activism Has Its Own Calling Card
March 24, 2003 City Hall Rancor Absent From Budget Process - So Far
March 21, 2003 What Is The Real Purpose Of This
March 10, 2003 Ehrlich Must Be Open and Honest On Slots
March 5, 2003 Don’t Believe What Other Say! Read It For Yourself
February 28, 2003 Weinberg Saga Continues To Develop, But Is Still Profitless
February 18, 2003 Snow Brings Out One Of The Seven Deadly Sins
February 12, 2003 Mooney's Position Should Remove His "Protections"
February 4, 2003 Delaying School Board Appointment Serves No One
January 27, 2003 Some Suggestions For Frederick's Homeland Security Monitors
January 22, 2003 ...And In This Corner..........
January 14, 2003 Gas Tax And Slots Have Great Negatives Built In
January 8, 2003 Even Emails Can Contain Political Tricks With No Consequences
January 3, 2003 Senator Mooney Should Support New Medical Marijuana Proposal
December 24, 2002 A Jenita Christmas Carol - Part Four: The Ghost of Christmas Future
December 23, 2002 A Jenita Christmas Carol - Part Three: The Ghost of Christmas Present
December 20, 2002 A Jenita Christmas Carol - Part Two: The Ghost of Christmas Past
December 19, 2002 A Jenita Christmas Carol - The Prologue
December 13, 2002 Yes, Patrick, We Do Have Traffic Woes In Frederick County
December 10, 2002 An Ill Wind Is Blowing Toward The Weinberg Center
December 3, 2002 Learn From History, Or Repeat It!
November 25, 2002 Maybe We Should Just Quote Rodney King
November 18, 2002 Fear Of The Unknown Is, Nevertheless, Real
November 8, 2002 Our State Song Needs Rewriting, So Here Goes
November 1, 2002 Some Choices Are Difficult, Others Are Not
October 29, 2002 Rising Above The Dirty Tricks And Giving It A Go
October 25, 2002 ...And The Winner Is....
October 11, 2002 Another Ten Commandments Brouhaha - Again
October 8, 2002 Unseemly Behavior Besmirches Mooneys Again
October 3, 2002 Why, President Bush, Why?
September 27, 2002 Does It Take A Double-Dog-Dare To Create A Debate?
September 19, 2002 Did Our Mayor Learn Her Government Style From Castro?
September 12, 2002 Gentlemen! Mom Says It's Okay To Start Our Engines
September 11, 2002 City Should Reclaim Site A! It Belongs To The People!
September 6, 2002 Intolerance In Any Form Is Shameful - And Wrong
September 3, 2002 Delegate Bartlett Proves This Is A Madcap World
August 26, 2002 Another Waste Of Tax Dollars, And Still No Answers
August 21, 2002 There Senator Mooney Goes Again!
August 14, 2002 Maybe We Should Recognize Them Before They Speak
August 13, 2002 Treat Them Like The Crooks They Are
August 8, 2002 Senator Mooney Needs To Answer Financial Questions
July 31, 2002 Will 'Jennifer Factor' Spoil This Election?
July 29, 2002 Lincoln Set The Precedent We Should Follow
July 26, 2002 Waffles Aren't Just For Breakfast Anymore
July 19, 2002 "Civility" Policy Needs To Be Expanded in City Hall
July 17, 2002 Being Positively Positive Can Be Positively Absurd
July 15, 2002 Another Silly Decision With Unintended Consequences
July 12, 2002 Zippity Do Dah, Plenty of Sunshine Rite Cheer!
July 10, 2002 Be Careful Whose Endorsement You Seek And Receive
July 3, 2002 Despite It All, America Is Still The Greatest Country
June 27, 2002 Search For Anthrax Clues Raises Serious Questions
June 26, 2002 Jenita's Promises Too Much Like The Perons'
June 14, 2002 A Perfect Day To Sing Our Nations' Praises
June 10, 2002 Herzonner Still In Power Craze In City Hall
June 7, 2002 Is Paranoia Ruling Mooney's Campaign?
June 3, 2002 A Cold, Bitter Wind Is Blowing Through Town
May 31, 2002 Political Races Continue To Shape Up
May 24, 2002 Keep The 'Plumbers' Out of Hecht's Office
May 20, 2002 We Need To Solve Election Nightmares Before November
May 17, 2002 To Get City Hall Moving, Threaten To Sue
May 14, 2002 Edmonds Should Be Held To The Standards She Set
May 8, 2002 Senator Mooney Just Doesn't Get It
May 3, 2002 Smith's Withdrawal Scrambles More Than Just The 3-B Race
May 2, 2002 Mr. Hersey Set The Example We have Forgotten
April 30, 2002 Hold Bartlett Accountable For His Statements - Then and Now
April 25, 2002 From Near Death To Health. It's Not Funny!
April 23, 2002 Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo! Whaaa! Whaaa! Whaaa!
April 19, 2002 We In The Trenches Are The Heroes! Not Rosie O'Donnell
April 17, 2002 Ft. Detrick - Frederick's Friend or Foe?
April 12, 2002 Collapse Seems To Be The Solution To City Blight!
April 4, 2002 Maybe We Should Fear Ourselves?
April 2, 2002 "Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing"
March 27, 2002 Lessons Learned! But You Still Have To Try!
March 25, 2002 Shouldn't Spas Get Equal Application of The Law?
March 21, 2002 Rain. We've finally gotten some rain!
March 14, 2002 "Jenita!" Rides The Stage In City Hall, Part Deux
March 13, 2002 "Jenita!" Rides The Stage In City Hall
March 7, 2002 Hecht's Bills Close Loopholes in State Laws
March 1, 2002 Red Light Violators May Face The Music
February 20, 2002 Now This Could Be Exciting, But Why?
February 18, 2002 Culprit #1 Is Gone! Who's Next?
February 8, 2002 Scandel on The Monocacy! Our Own Watergate?
February 4, 2002 State Candidates Off To The Races
January 29, 2002 Is Bush Going Where We Think He Is?
January 22, 2002 A Little Ditty To Brighten Your Day
January 9, 2002 Resolved! Do Something Better For Others!
January 3, 2002 Mayor Grimes Did It Again!


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