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On The Other Hand…

January 28, 2008

While reading Roy Meachum's rambling tome (All Over But...) January 22, 2008, I couldn't help but see some glaring statements that either show his ignorance or willful distortion of political reality.

He states that there is "a considerable number of African Americans" in the state of Maryland, but that Hillary Clinton "will probably walk away with the bulk of the state's delegates." I can only think that Mr. Meachum assumes African American voters will only vote for an African American candidate, Barack Obama. Or even that a majority of African American voters would vote for Barack Obama. If one ponders on my assertion, and if it is correct, I think it will shed light on Mr. Meachum's thinking. Rather myopic, I think.

Mr. Meachum states "Nominating Mrs. Clinton guarantees significant votes for any GOP candidate who delineates his 180 degree difference from the incumbent president." (Couldn't even say his name, could you?)

I think Mr. Meachum, you ought to pay more attention to the Republican candidates. Last night (January 24) in the Republican debate in Boca Raton, FL, the candidates were falling all over themselves stating "we will win" the war in Iraq.

We will win, Mr. Meachum. That means more fighting, which means more troops, which means more death of troops, which means more of the same, Mr. Meachum. That does not sound like a 180 degree difference to me.

Mr. Meachum states that "She (Hillary Clinton) notoriously carried George W. Bush's spear in the war, while Senator Obama has not." Again, I think if you check his Senate voting record, you will see that Barack Obama has voted on more than one war funding bill. There has been no bill that I know of that didn't have the word billions $$$$ in them. That will buy a lot of spears.

Also, check the record and I think you will find that Barack Obama does not oppose troops being in Afghanistan, but Mr. Meachum states that the senator does. You see, we've got to get Osama. When you go after him, you’re guaranteed to get votes, even Republican votes.

Mr. Meachum states: "Principles obviously mean less to her (Hillary Clinton) than playing the political game," and I agree with that. He goes on to imply that she could have opposed the war and not voted for the resolution because she "belongs to the opposition; she faced no threats and penalties if she had branded the administration's misadventure a big mistake."

Again, this sheds light on Mr. Meachum's political acumen. There were many Democrats and Independents who were for the invasion of Iraq and Hillary Clinton knew that. She also knew how the media and the Red Meat Republicans would attack her when running for office. Hypocritical, yes! Politically astute, methinks so. Hypocrisy is a prerequisite for politicians, and various other careers, right Mr. Meachum?

Mr. Meachum states "Frederick Congressman Roscoe Bartlett told me and others that he thought the invasion was a bad mistake, while going along with his Republican Party to support funds for the troops. But Mr. Bartlett is a Republican, after all. Furthermore, he counted noses; his nay vote would have made no difference."

So, let me see if I understand. If you are a Democrat, or more specifically a Democrat named Hillary Clinton, you are expected to have principles, but if you are a Republican, you're not? Roscoe Bartlett and any other Republican or Democrat that voted for Bush's war will have to accept the responsibility, and what a heavy responsibility that will be!

Mr. Meachum states that "mud" has been slung at Barack Obama by the Clinton camp, in reference to the senator's record on the war and I guess that he would also agree that going after Barack Obama for praising Ronald Reagan's political skills and not his policies would be "mud" as well.

I would just remind you, Mr. Meachum, and anyone else reading this, that Lee Atwater was Ronald Reagan's political adviser with his southern strategy. For Barack Obama to praise Ronald Reagan's skills is naivé and shows that he should do his homework before he speaks.

As far as the "male chauvinists" remark; methinks he dost protest too much.

Oh, by the way, I would never vote for Hillary Clinton; and pull up your bias, it has dropped down around your ankles.

Cecil Caraker Adamstown

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