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The Tentacle

Ken Kellar

March 16, 2018
Mass Shootings Deterrent - Rejected
Ken Kellar

As we were wringing our hands after every mass shooting, someone tried to do something about it, Sens. Charles Grassley (IA) and Ted Cruz (TX). Below are the main sections of the 88-page bill they introduced almost five years ago:

March 9, 2018
Sanctuary Sanctimony
Ken Kellar

Where to begin on Sen. Ron Young’s sanctimonious, dishonest, confused and dangerous bigotry where he favors one demographic at the expense of another?

February 2, 2018
The government brakes for no one!
Ken Kellar

Less than a year ago I wrote an editorial in my paper condemning the security measures that caused the death of a person in Frederick (on I-70) The death was due to an extreme security measure for a mile-long caravan of Democrat senators. Now a Republican travelling group has killed a citizen.

January 31, 2018
Maryland – A Progressive’s Playground
Ken Kellar

As even the most progressive CEOs praise the impact of President Donald Trump’s tax bill (e.g. Apple’s Tim Cook), Maryland legislators dutifully act to keep that free-market prosperity out of our state.

January 17, 2018
Guts and Glory
Ken Kellar

Our president reportedly characterized some nations – whose citizens are given special refugee status – in his classic (but not classy) style. If true, I’d like to thank him for his gutsy candor.

December 20, 2017
Luxury and Lunacy
Ken Kellar

The concepts of luxury and lunacy go a long way to explaining our current political rift between the parties*.

December 8, 2017
People or Party?
Ken Kellar

People used to be admired for declaring that they vote for the person, not the party. However, with today’s extreme division between the parties, those “person” voters are looking more like suckers and fools.

November 2, 2017
Never speak to the FBI, ever
Ken Kellar

If you find yourself being interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and they ask you a benign question like, “When did you meet your spouse?” or “When was your first child born?” do not answer.

October 27, 2017
That didn’t take long
Ken Kellar

A Wyoming transgender person is on trial for sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl in bathroom. It began October 16. The defendant faces up to 70 years in prison if convicted.

October 20, 2017
More crony capitalism in Frederick County
Ken Kellar

Does Frederick County government have to be about manipulating the market, plundering our money and giving it to their favorites?

September 29, 2017
Road Sign Comparisons
Ken Kellar

I pull off a crowded highway and take the ramp to the Pennsylvania Turnpike tollbooth. I stop and get my ticket. I then roll down the ramp and merge onto Interstate 76 looking forward to the quality ride for which I will be paying a premium.

June 30, 2017
Crime and Punishment
Ken Kellar

I came upon a surprising passage while reading the Russian novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky which was first published in 1866. I was reading it as one of those “must reads” that the intellectual elite tells us we should do.

June 20, 2017
Preach What You Practice
Ken Kellar

No, I didn't mistype the title. I heard this phrase from Dennis Prager as he was being interviewed by Stefan Molyneux, who proposed that many on the left were hypocritical and weren't "practicing what they preach."

April 17, 2017
The Road to Hell and Big Government
Ken Kellar

You may have recently seen news coverage of a man being bloodied and physically dragged off a United Airlines plane. His crime was refusing to accept United’s decision to use him to alleviate their overbooking of a flight.

April 6, 2017
The Winning Continues Despite…..
Ken Kellar

I’d like to stop for a moment to “smell the roses.” The first 100 days of the new presidency isn’t playing out like I anticipated, and I had been very discouraged. My discouragement peaked when activist judges far outstepped their legal authority and put a hold on President Trump’s travel bans.

March 29, 2017
Senator Young and the next rape victim
Ken Kellar

            The Maryland General Assembly is considering legislature to make Maryland a “sanctuary” state in defiance of federal law.

February 6, 2017
Dealing with the Winning
Ken Kellar

I recall candidate Donald Trump talking about “so much winning.” He told us we would win so much we would be uncomfortable with it, get tired of it.

January 31, 2017
Republican politicians, your attention please
Ken Kellar

A “main stream media talking heads” show last week listed its topic as: “The fragile relationship between Trump and Republicans.” I thought that statement missed the mark. A more realistic statement would have been: “The fragile relationship between Republican incumbents and their constituents.”

January 18, 2017
There’s a red under my bed…
Ken Kellar

…and there's a little yellow man in my head.


The above lines are lyrics from the Kinks song Destroyer circa 1981.


Here are a couple more lines:


Paranoia, the destroyer.


Silly boy you got so much to live for

So much to aim for, so much to try for

You blowing it all with paranoia

You're so insecure you self-destroyer

December 27, 2016
Federalists, Fences and Fascists – Part 4 of 4
Ken Kellar

A quick note on the group calling itself the “Hamiltons,” who cited Federalist Paper #68, penned by Alexander Hamilton, as their justification for electors to ignore the will of the people they took an oath to represent – and to vote against Donald Trump.

December 26, 2016
Federalists, Fences and Fascists – Part 3 of 4
Ken Kellar

There’s another feature of the Electoral College that may seem strange, winner-takes-all. In 48 of our states, the winner of the state popular vote is awarded all of that state’s electors.

December 23, 2016
Federalists, Fences and Fascists – Part 2 of 4
Ken Kellar

First let’s look at how many states were needed to shoot Hillary Clinton past Donald Trump in the popular vote by the current (daily changing) margin of 2.8 million votes. The total number of states that were needed is one. Mrs. Clinton beat Mr. Trump in California by around 4.2 million votes. In Los Angeles County alone, she won by over 1.2 million votes.

December 22, 2016
Federalists, Fences and Fascists – Part 1 of 4
Ken Kellar

“One man one vote” is all you need to know about democracy right? That might be true if we lived in one. However we do not. We live in a republic.

December 5, 2016
Ancient Advice to Both “Sides”
Ken Kellar

The riots, the mobs, and the violent thuggery before and after the election are deeply troubling.

November 15, 2016
The same team? – I don’t think so
Ken Kellar

Prominent Democrats like Elizabeth Warren (D., MA) have offered conciliatory statements to the future Trump Administration. Yes, the acerbic, anti-capitalist, big government, fauxcahontas is “looking forward” to working with A President Donald Trump.

November 7, 2016
Power Grows as Ethics Fade
Ken Kellar

The Frederick County government, through executive action, purchased advertisements with public funds to influence the voting of its citizens. The subject of the ad was two ballot questions making changes to the county’s charter.

October 28, 2016
Democracy’s Death
Ken Kellar

Apparently the media’s biggest take-away from the last presidential debate was the refusal of the Republican candidate to accept the election results in advance. It is being declared that an important attribute of a democracy is the election loser’s concession regardless of the quality of the election.

October 24, 2016
Aleppo – A Humanitarian Crisis
Ken Kellar

 A video of a cute little boy being pulled from the rubble of a bombed building in Syria recently made the rounds.

October 20, 2016
Keep your eye on the ball
Ken Kellar

The binary choice you have this November is between tyranny and liberty. Please read this if you think you can’t vote for Donald Trump due to this or that actual or claimed revelation emerging from his past and being aggressively promoted by the media.

October 13, 2016
My Trump Sign
Ken Kellar