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As Long as We Remember...

Edward Lulie III

May 16, 2019
The “K” of K Street Speaks Out
Edward Lulie III

After a great deal of effort, I caught up with “K,” an original denizen of the DC swamp. He was in a quiet booth at "the Old Ribbit Grill," a favorite watering hole for politicians, lobbyists and other ne'er do wells located near Capitol Hill.

July 20, 2018
Witch Hunt?
Edward Lulie III

The Washington Times ran a story on their website last Sunday, headlined: “Trey Goudy breaks with Trump: Russia Probe is not a “witch hunt.” Representative Goudy (R., SC) was quoted saying that he never thought it was a witch hunt and that Russia “attacked” the U.S. in 2016.

June 1, 2018
Boycott Netflix
Edward Lulie III

Former President Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle have just entered into a big deal with Netflix. Allegedly they are going to produce content designed to bring the country together. More likely it’s designing ways to bring the country to demand the resignation of President Donald J. Trump.

October 4, 2017
Abolish the filibuster now and end gridlock
Edward Lulie III

Not reaching 50 votes needed, the effort to pass Graham-Cassidy Health Care measure in the United States Senate failed (for the moment). It was not even brought up for a vote.

August 18, 2017
The Nanny State and Football
Edward Lulie III

The sport of football has been a part of the American community for over one hundred years. It is a part of our history, from middle school to the National Football League (NFL), where thousands of young men (and some women) learned teamwork, self-discipline, and enjoyed playing before community, family and friends.

June 26, 2017
A Tale of Two Foxes
Edward Lulie III

If you have Sirius satellite radio, or have cable television, you can get both the Fox News and Fox Business channels. I listen often and have noticed that there is a bit of a schism in attitude between them.

May 8, 2017
Reject the Paris Accord
Edward Lulie III

President Donald Trump is considering a withdrawal from the Climate Change Agreement known as the Paris Accord. Rather than reality based projects, the money largely goes to dictators, corrupt regimes and "scientists," who will spend days drinking lattes and consider how many carbon molecules can dance on the head of Al Gore, the patron saint of cultists and "scientists."

March 20, 2017
The Death of Big Bird
Edward Lulie III

The new budget from President Donald Trump apparently seeks to cut all federal funding from National Public Radio (NPR), the National Endowment for the Arts, Corporation for Public Broadcasting and reduces funding for the EPA.

November 27, 2008
Thanksgiving – and Remembrances….
Edward Lulie III

I used to appreciate Thanksgiving, or so I thought, as a time for food, family and friends, watching football, eating turkey and just relaxing. For over 35 years that was how my wife Beth and I always spent the holiday together. Since her death in January, my sons and I have been adjusting to life without her. It has been very difficult for all of us.


August 1, 2008
Clothespin Voters
Edward Lulie III

Clothespin sales must be booming. It isn’t that people are suddenly turning off clothes dryers and using wind and sunlight to dry clothes. No, this isn’t about saving electricity or energy. It’s all about politics.


June 27, 2008
The Other Side of the Coin
Edward Lulie III

To the dismay of the major media the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, has overturned the Washington D.C. handgun ban and found that the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms meant an “individual’s” right.


June 20, 2008
Before and After November 4, 2008
Edward Lulie III

I have to concede that my regard for President Bush have been on a sliding scale downwards for several years. I believe going into Iraq was the right thing to do; but we never should have based the reason on weapons of mass destruction without solid proof. He also wasted effort and prestige trying to convince the European Union (EU) to go along when half of its leaders were in bed with Saddam Hussein anyway. It was a waste of time.


May 30, 2008
Indy Adventures On
Edward Lulie III

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” reunites star Harrison Ford with Karen Allen in another adventure epic. While time may have added wrinkles and a few creases the movie formula still works.


May 16, 2008
Mad At Madden
Edward Lulie III

Back in the 1990s, John Madden, former coach and aspiring broadcaster, gave his name and efforts to design a computer game about football. Thus was born the Madden line of football simulators which have become part of our culture and even influenced the National Football League.

April 18, 2008
Clinton Woes, the O’s and Global Warming
Edward Lulie III

A certain amount of smug belief in consensus thinking is pretty typical of those in the major media. The one thing about the media being certain of something is that it almost always guarantees that they will be wrong. Lately we have a number of examples of that proving to be the case yet again.

March 20, 2008
Must be Something in the Water
Edward Lulie III

March Madness doesn’t mean taxpayers getting into a fevered frenzy over the coming of April 15th and tax time…well not yet anyway. It means a nationwide obsession with college basketball and the NCAA tournament that starts today with 64 teams and eventually winds down to the final four, and then the championship game.

February 15, 2008
A New Chapter
Edward Lulie III
Living here in Frederick County for most of our lives means that I am always running into people who know us, and who openly wonder where Beth is. It is somewhat like being a plague carrier; you are always the bearer of bad news; for those that you tell what has happened can have no good response to make; there is not much to say but that it was a tragedy and that Beth will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

January 18, 2008
My world turned upside down
Edward Lulie III
It is amazing, as many people know, how one day can turn your life upside down with no way possible to upright it.

November 30, 2007
Snow and That Other Stuff
Edward Lulie III
It is getting to be the time of year when that certain four letter word begins to appear in long range weather forecasts: SNOW. The mere mention of the word brings joy to some and panic to others.

November 16, 2007
Injustice and Time for a Change
Edward Lulie III
Learning how to deal with adversity is one of the things that helps build character and it plays a huge role at times in the lives of football players, both in high school and in the National Football League as well.

November 2, 2007
Christmas is Coming
Edward Lulie III
Christmas season, my favorite time of the year, is about to begin. This also means the start of another fast and furious season of shopping madness. I guess that it takes all of that pain and suffering to achieve a memorable holiday, but rarely is "getting there half the fun" when it comes to preparing for Christmas or finding those presents to buy.

October 19, 2007
Nobel, My Foot!
Edward Lulie III
Ronald Reagan never won the Nobel Peace Prize; he merely ended the Communist domination of Eastern Europe and ended the Cold War. Jimmy (Do you believe in Peanut Butter?) Carter did win the Nobel Peace Prize. Carter set the stage for the downfall of the Shah of Iran and ushered in a glorious new era of 5th century fanaticism plus helping spark the Iran-Iraq War.

October 5, 2007
An Open Letter
Edward Lulie III
I write this as an open letter to the Frederick Board of County Commissioners. In the past few years I have come to know all of you. While we may not always agree, every single one of you has always been willing to take time and listen.

September 21, 2007
Gloom and Doom - Part 2
Edward Lulie III
The left has predicted Gloom and Doom for the GOP in 2008. That prediction might be premature. Despite the gleeful optimism of many Democrats, there are several problems that they must overcome before they can celebrate.

September 20, 2007
Gloom and Doom - Part 1
Edward Lulie III
Oh, woe is the GOP; oh, gloom and doom; doom. doom. That is the endless refrain of the mainstream media, gleefully being repeated inside the echo chambers and offices of the left. Hillary or Obama, maybe both, will soon ride into power and save the world from cowboy imperialism.

September 7, 2007
Halloween 2008 Nightmares
Edward Lulie III
This is over a year early but here are two separate nightmarish dreams for Halloween 2008, one for the political left and one for the political right.sweet dreams all.

August 24, 2007
The Sounds of Summer
Edward Lulie III
Recently the dull roar of lawnmowers, that ever constant background sound of summer, has vanished. It seems that those sun-drenched - but rainless skies - had shriveled away any need for the grass to be cut.

August 10, 2007
Still In Denial
Edward Lulie III
Those that worship at the altar of Global Warming just love this time of year, why? Because it is hot. It is easier to sell their whole "man-made global warming" religion to people sweltering in 100 degrees and 100% humidity than it would be in winter.

July 27, 2007
Trash Trauma
Edward Lulie III
Some Frederick City residents are now living in a trash nightmare that comes back twice a week. Why? Well the city has imposed a new scheme for trash collection which has "worked" well elsewhere (or so we are told).

July 13, 2007
Handicapping 2008
Edward Lulie III
It's early, but what the heck, let's have some fun and do an initial handicapping of the 2008 presidential race. We won't even bother with the numerous "second tier" candidates (Ron Paul, Joe Biden, etc.) because they will all fade out of the race as time goes by.

June 29, 2007
Cruel - But Sadly - Usual
Edward Lulie III
Summers in Maryland stink. Yet there are some among us who actually enjoy the agony of sweating outside in 100 degrees and 100% humidity (in my opinion they need immediate mental health evaluations).

June 15, 2007
Amnesty Hits a Roadblock
Edward Lulie III
The push for amnesty for illegal immigrants is not going away anytime soon, but it has hit a wall of resistance from voters. It has generated so much opposition that it may now become the central issue for the 2008 presidential campaign.

June 1, 2007
Enforcement? Like the last 30 years?
Edward Lulie III
The rising tide for Democrats may have hit the high water mark. Their political fortunes are endangered by two things, the war in Iraq and the pending immigration bill.

May 18, 2007
Edward Lulie III
Charter government! Will it come to Frederick at long last? My own fearless prediction is that it is, once again Dead-on-Arrival.

May 4, 2007
Mission's Accomplished?
Edward Lulie III
Four years ago President George W. Bush posed smiling on the deck of an aircraft carrier in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner. It was not - as things turned out - a particularly wise thing to do because, while it was true that Saddam had been removed from power, things in Iraq were not yet secure.

April 20, 2007
Frontier Justice Lingers On
Edward Lulie III
Once in Texas if you stole a man's horse you could get hanged for it; and then, too, if you stole a man's wife you could get shot. Oddly enough things haven't changed all that much over the years; Texas is still clearly a state where marriage is treated very seriously. Compare that to Maryland where adultery, as a crime, is punishable by a fine of $10.

April 6, 2007
Surfing Political Tidal Waves
Edward Lulie III
Political tides ebb and flow. For the moment the GOP is washing out to sea.

March 23, 2007
Ghost Hunters
Edward Lulie III
Ghosts have come a long way from being served up with S'mores as a staple of campsite storytelling to being a big part of marketing the multimillion dollar travel industry. Gettysburg and Williamsburg now have at least one or more "ghost" tours as one of their visitor attractions as do many other tourist destinations.

March 9, 2007
Conflict Resolution
Edward Lulie III
There is an ongoing feud between two prominent local men, both of whom have occasionally dressed in white "good humor man" suits. The argument isn't over clothing, or who has the right to wear it, but rather over things that have been said and done in the past.

February 23, 2007
When Will I Ever Learn...
Edward Lulie III
I am injured and on pain killers so there won't be a column this week. How did I get injured? Can I plead the fifth? No? Okay, I fell. Not just your normal fall where your feet slide and you end up on your posterior. This was spectacular.

February 9, 2007
The New Inquisition
Edward Lulie III
The February 2007 issue of Scientific American contains a stunning article: "Methane, Plants and Climate Change." It reveals the recent discovery that plants produce massive amounts of methane.

January 26, 2007
Not Even Trying
Edward Lulie III
Long ago there was a Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and a working-class team called the Baltimore Colts. There was John Unitas, Big Daddy Lipscomb, and a cast of characters that won the hearts of fans and left us a legacy that has survived the theft of the team and the delayed birth of a new one, The Ravens.

January 12, 2007
Will Bulldozers Be The Sound of Spring?
Edward Lulie III
Happy New Year everyone! In particular my best regards and deepest sympathies go out to all five of our newly elected county commissioners. They will now face the tough issues left moldering on their desks by the prior board.

December 22, 2006
Christmas Stress
Edward Lulie III
Every Christmas we rush around madly shopping for presents, going to parties and spending those few remaining moments decorating the house. This season, the most anticipated time of the year, is also a time of enormous stress.

December 12, 2006
That Wasn't A Car That Backfired
Edward Lulie III
The voters have spoken and a new board of Frederick County Commissioners has been sworn in. The developer's "Dream Team" of pro-growth candidates was resoundingly defeated. All of the cash and influence that the Good Old Boys (GOBs) spent to win the election was just not enough.

November 7, 2006
Election Watch
Edward Lulie III
Vote early and then go home, turn off the radio and TV. Decide now that a day spent with family, books or DVDs will be far better spent than one wasted by trying to decipher network reporting of "trends" as the election day goes by.

November 3, 2006
Who Gets The Mandate?
Edward Lulie III
Can a political party legitimately claim a mandate in an off-year election? Expect that after the polls close Tuesday, one party will be standing on top of their chairs and screaming "Mandate! Mandate! Mandate!"

October 23, 2006
Just Plain Giddy
Edward Lulie III
Happy hour has come early to the Democratic National Committee and their ultra secret Howard Dean war-room. In this highly secure location, a subterranean bunker on Capitol Hill (hidden beneath a bar and next to a Starbucks - for convenience), Dr. Dean and his hand picked staff of operatives, palm readers and loyalists meet secretly every day to plot the downfall of George Bush, Karl Rove and the evil Republican Party.

October 19, 2006
"Developer Free" Tide Rising
Edward Lulie III
It appears that a sea change is sweeping toward Frederick County. I am not talking about a Democrat resurgence to power, but a new direction coming to the Board of County Commissioners.

September 29, 2006
Day-Glo Neon Orange
Edward Lulie III
The rumors that NASA wanted my yard signs removed because they were a visibility hazard to the space shuttle were untrue. I discovered that the stunning Orange Day-Glo will wilt and fade into weak lemon-colored hue after a few weeks of exposure to the summer sun.

August 11, 2006
Just Lucky
Edward Lulie III
I must be just incredibly lucky. Lately when I get my emails there are at least five or six telling me wonderful news about the lotteries I “won” and the representatives of the estates of billionaires and millionaires that died and need my help desperately!

August 4, 2006
Karl & Howard, The Secret Weapon
Edward Lulie III
A recent headline revealed that Howard Dean made statements in Florida comparing GOP Senate Candidate Katherine Harris to Stalin. The mist cleared, and I could see the truth plainly revealed; Howard Dean isn't a left wing Democrat Hero at all. He is actually a secret agent provocateur for Republican Mastermind and Genius Karl Rove!

July 20, 2006
Politics Turning Up The Heat
Edward Lulie III
Maryland just might be electing the first ever African-American senator from Maryland this fall; and he's a Republican by the name of Michael Steele.

June 28, 2006
al-Zarqawi's Death and The Fall Elections
Edward Lulie III
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed and a chill went through the hearts of the left across the country. Not that they particularly liked the suicide bomber master mind, but that President George W. Bush scored political points precisely at the time they thought he had hit the bottom and was dragging the GOP down with him.

June 2, 2006
Getting Out The Vote, Leftist Style!
Edward Lulie III
Give me your tired, your poor, your criminals, your illegal aliens and the dearly departed as well and we'll let them vote this fall in Maryland. To ensure that what they consider the best possible outcome happens, Democrats here in Maryland have initiated project F.R.A.U.D. (Fall Realignment Allowing Unlimited Democrats).

May 1, 2006
Give Costal California to Mexico
Edward Lulie III
Bilingual education, multiculturalism, gay marriage, pacifism, anti-U.S.-Imperialism and all the "isms" progressive socialists can imagine have yet to be proved in any test environment. They'll all fail the test of time, but can we be certain?

April 5, 2006
Hard Choices or Easy Answers
Edward Lulie III
The United States is a nation that was built by immigrants. We became unified because we were forced by the requirement of learning English (and our legal system) to merge into a culture that grew with diverse ethnic influences instead of breaking apart.

March 21, 2006
Oil and Politics
Edward Lulie III
These days are troubling for motorists. A cough at an oil refinery and some executive pushes some buttons and the price at the pump rises a dime in just minutes.

March 3, 2006
Lenny and the Pro Developers Club
Edward Lulie III
Roy Meachum and Blaine Young share the same world view, at least when it comes to Commissioner Lenny Thompson. Let me begin by pointing out that while it is perfectly reasonable for people to disagree, you cross the line when you start trying to destroy someone by comparing them to people like Adolf Hitler and their actions to those that helped to create the holocaust.

February 15, 2006
Democrats Stunned Yet Again
Edward Lulie III
Minutes after dawn on Ground Hog Day bewildered Democrats crawled out into the light and saw that the shadow that has followed them relentlessly over the past months was still there; Republicans, despite everything, were still in charge!

February 3, 2006
Internet Influence
Edward Lulie III
The Internet has permanently altered the political landscape. The “Drudge Report” is now a vital part of most journalists’ daily routine and has easily as much influence as any editorial from The New York Times or The Washington Post.

January 24, 2006
D.C. and Major League Baseball
Edward Lulie III
Places exist around the globe where the local governments have the idea that the rule of law is really just a license to steal. Sadly we don't have to travel thousands of miles to experience this. Just a short hop from Frederick, only 40 miles away in the socialist paradise known as the District of Columbia, is a government whose avarice and greed is only limited by the federal government's oversight and their own limited sense of morality.

January 10, 2006
Reflections in High Definition
Edward Lulie III
We have a kitten, endless energy and an incredible drive to play and explore. She is fascinated by our new HDTV.

December 15, 2005
Considering a Christmas Moose?
Edward Lulie III
As Christmas approaches Frederick County is ablaze with lights and outdoor displays. Some are in the form of white and yellow icicles and others in nets of shifting multi colored lights covering trees and bushes.

December 5, 2005
Santa, Threat? Or Menace?
Edward Lulie III
“Holiday” or Christmas? Somehow this season of the year has been drawn into politics, and like most things political it tends sometimes to get pretty silly.

November 28, 2005
Vietnam It Ain’t
Edward Lulie III
If you see the world through red colored (blue state style, if you prefer) then Iraq is a “quagmire” and just like Vietnam. In the real world it is not. Iraq is not Vietnam.

November 15, 2005
Trust Carter to Save France
Edward Lulie III
Just as the Oil for Food scandal began to make headlines, it was swept off the front page by the news of car-burning mobs rioting across France. The topic of whether French officials had been taking lucrative bribes and circumventing United Nation sanctions was - for the moment - ignored.

November 10, 2005
Dems Missed Opportunity
Edward Lulie III
The election for Frederick City mayor is over and the Republican, Jeff Holtzinger, won. Maryland Democrats have just lost control of the fourth largest city in the state. How could a Democrat lose when Republicans are supposed to be trembling on the edge of complete political disaster?

November 1, 2005
State Democrats Are Nervous
Edward Lulie III
Doug Duncan, commissar of the Peoples Paradise of Montgomery County, is being told "don't run, you might not be our best candidate to beat Ehrlich." State Democrats, still in withdrawal from losing the State House three years ago, are anxious to reclaim the throne and start the feeding toughs flowing again with political gravy.

October 25, 2005
Playing With Heart
Edward Lulie III
If you believe that everything in football is all about winning and losing then read no further. This column is about my experience with my developmental "B" team and our season so far.

October 5, 2005
Democrat’s Revenge
Edward Lulie III
The Left is elated over the prospects for revenge. Everywhere they look they see bad news for Republicans! Around coffee bars and cocktail tables the conversations all center on what will happen now that the “tide has turned.”

September 29, 2005
The Character of Football
Edward Lulie III
Football is that kind of game, one which demands a certain amount of emotional involvement; at times that can be a roller coaster ride from pain to delight in seconds. Perhaps it is because of the ups and downs that fans continue to love the game at all levels.

September 26, 2005
Advise and Consent
Edward Lulie III
In the last 75 years the nature of the United States Senate as an exclusive “club” has greatly changed. So, too, has the nature of the process for reviewing judicial nominees, particularly to the Supreme Court.

September 16, 2005
Her Own Worst Enemy
Edward Lulie III
It is not a surprise to readers of The Tentacle that Mayor Jennifer Dougherty lost; my column "Lame Duck Mayor" (March 24, 2005), predicted it almost six months ago. The reason she lost is easily demonstrated by how the mayor acted when the returns came in. Instead of being gracious and dignified, the mayor responded with the same scorched earth politics that typified her administration. Upon hearing the results, Ms. Dougherty complained that she had lost because she didn't get out "her" voters.

September 13, 2005
Building A Democracy
Edward Lulie III
The recent blitherings from the left over Iraq reveal some fundamental flaws in their logic; this isn't Vietnam. There is no draft and the "mission accomplished" claimed by President Bush was the overthrow of the Saddam Regime, not putting a gift wrapped democracy in place.

September 6, 2005
Death of a City
Edward Lulie III
New Orleans did not dodge the bullet this time. The city that gave birth to Jazz and defied fate for decades fell beneath the rising floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina.

August 30, 2005
Fall Beckons
Edward Lulie III
It has been hot. In the hazy humid sunlight of late afternoons I have been spending time with the Middletown Knights. Not the high school football team but the Middletown Valley Athletic Association (MVAA) teams of mini-pony, pony, J.V. and varsity.

August 3, 2005
Deer, Pizza Delivery and Idiots
Edward Lulie III
The days of leisurely driving down the quiet and green rural roads of Frederick County are almost gone. I had noticed the increased traffic but the issue really came home to hit me - almost head-on.

July 19, 2005
Land of the Grumpy Mouse
Edward Lulie III
What exactly is the attraction in rushing off to vacation in Orlando in the summer? After all, in summer it is hot and usually gets hotter as you move further south. The mystery grows when you consider that Orlando, in the center of Florida, is nowhere near those cooler ocean breezes along the coast.

July 14, 2005
Locked out of the House (and the Senate, too)
Edward Lulie III
Times are troubled for Democrats. It must seem that they have been locked out of the house; they can see their favorite toys (the tools of government) but they can’t touch them.

June 16, 2005
Howard Dean: GOP Hero
Edward Lulie III
Howard Dean continues to amaze and dazzle Republicans. His ongoing escapades and stylistic rantings have created a brilliant sense of expectation that the GOP will continue to rule the government for years, even decades, to come.

June 8, 2005
Democrat Victory - or a Republican One
Edward Lulie III
If you read the papers or watched the news you heard that Democrats came out ahead in the filibuster fight; Centrists, the "gang" of 14, had won the day. Actually what happened was that Democrats jumped into a well thought out trap, one that will come back to haunt them in the future.

May 19, 2005
A Zero Intelligence Policy
Edward Lulie III
Zero Tolerance, doesn’t that sound good? Ever popular with politicians and our Frederick County Board of Education, it is in reality an idiotic scheme used to protect administrators from making the tough decisions. It’s really a “we don’t have any responsibility” policy.

May 12, 2005
Democrats and the New Media
Edward Lulie III
When something works we tend to take it for granted and Democrats - for more than 40 years - have taken it for granted that television, newspapers and radio would operate as the political action wing of their party.

May 3, 2005
Tighter Voter ID Equals Fewer Democrats
Edward Lulie III
It's long been considered a dangerous thing to get what you ask for. Like the hazards of making a wish; some unforeseen consequence always arises to ruin it.

April 27, 2005
Spring Fevered
Edward Lulie III
The weather turns warm, birds chirp as insects reappear from winter dormancy. Everywhere plants grow new green leaves as spring actually arrives.

March 24, 2005
Lame Duck Mayor
Edward Lulie III
Her Honor, Mayor Jennifer Dougherty, has been frantically staging public evidence of support via obviously contrived shows using every political (i.e. leftist) supporter she can find.

March 10, 2005
Dean Leads Dems Over The Top
Edward Lulie III
Ecstatic Republicans are applauding the Democratic Party’s selection of its new leader – Howard “Screaming Socialist” Dean. Ritual suicide is one way to describe this action by Democrats.

February 18, 2005
New Maryland Minority Rules: A Satire
Edward Lulie III
After extensive undercover investigations, tarot card readings, stake-outs, psychic hotline chat sessions and reading over the shoulder of a prominent Democrat at Cracker Barrel, I was able to uncover the fact that the Democratic leadership in Annapolis has drafted a new secret “plan” for dealing with Republicans.

January 26, 2005
Angry Voters Loom on the Horizon
Edward Lulie III
There are dark and foreboding storm clouds forming around the next City of Frederick election. Voters are angry and energized. Candidates running in this climate stand an excellent chance of either catching lightning or being vaporized by it.

January 13, 2005
Church and State
Edward Lulie III
Socialists love government. It is the tool by which they seek to bring us all to an earthy paradise. Their belief in it transcends logic and embraces faith.

December 20, 2004
I Remember Christmases Past and …
Edward Lulie III
Some of my best memories of Christmas are of my family, of brightly decorated trees and times when everyone, kids and adults, puts work aside for a few days and spent time with each other.

December 16, 2004
How to Still Enjoy Washington When Your Party Is Out of Power
Edward Lulie III
Ten years ago the Eagles came out with a reunion album “When Hell Freezes Over.” The album was released just as the Republican Revolution swept Democrats from power (1994).

December 3, 2004
Red and Blue
Edward Lulie III
Post election political maps reveal that we are now divided into Blue and Red States. The division is not just a political one but also shows a significant cultural gap as well; the In-Crowd in the Northeast and California versus the Out-Crowd of flyover people everywhere else.

November 22, 2004
Impaired Vision
Edward Lulie III
In their quest to regain power, Democrats are in dismay from losing. As they seek to discover the reasons the elite socialists (largely responsible for the disaster) are a spectacle, wringing their hands and crying in despair.

November 10, 2004
Predictions for The Next Four Years – and Beyond
Edward Lulie III
With early exit polling favoring Sen. John Kerry, it wasn’t a difficult decision to forgo watching the media and getting a restful night’s sleep instead. Morning revealed a Bush win, a rather large one at that. So what does this all mean?

November 2, 2004
Surviving Election Night
Edward Lulie III
For me the chance that John Kerry could be the next president of the United States is scarier than anything you can imagine on Halloween. Why we don’t just move Election Day to October 31st is beyond me. Most politicians are already in disguise and there is sure to be a shudder, shock and gasp even in the more mundane elections.

October 21, 2004
No Joy in Mudville as Bush Gains Momentum
Edward Lulie III
Recent broadcast news outlets and political pundits have avoided the question; if President Bush lost the last debate why then is it that Senator John Kerry is slipping in the polls?

October 15, 2004
Yee Ha!
Edward Lulie III
You may have spotted the bumper sticker that says "Yee Ha." It is not a foreign policy. It is supposed to be a pro-Kerry slogan but it really makes a point that - I think - favors President Bush.

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