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As Long as We Remember...

July 12, 2019

Dictators and Quislings

Ken Kellar

What could go wrong with these loving words? No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.


Those words constitute the 1972 Title IX law. To this layperson it appears to be nicely worded. No exclusion or discrimination based on sex sounds pretty darn American.


But, to an Obama Administration lawyer, Title IX says a man can use any locker room, shower or use any bathroom he chooses. And that is where the dictator part of my headline comes in.


The Obama Administration declared that “sex” in the 1972 law meant gender identity. They ignored the fact that the term didn’t even exist back then, except in some obscure psychology papers. President Barack Obama dictatorially fabricated new legislation by “interpreting” Title IX in an extreme way. He then imposed his dictatorial mandate by threatening the removal of all federal funds if he was not obeyed.


The Trump Administration has rescinded Obama’s “law” that was imposed by fiat. President Donald Trump removed the threat of denial of federal assistance to schools if they don’t play the left’s social engineering games that exposed our girls and women to deviant men.


Prior to President Obama’s dictatorial move regarding Title IX, the judiciary imposed its own harmful interpretations – arguably well beyond the intent of those in Congress who voted for the law. The courts, as well as various administration civil rights offices, declared that Title IX demanded that girls and women have an equal number of teams/players and equal number of scholarships as boys and men’s teams.


The equality demands completely disregarded women’s differing interest in sports as well as the whole basis for sports scholarship considerations.


Men’s sports have suffered. For example many men’s wrestling teams were dropped as funds and scholarships shifted. Ticket receipts and university notoriety are disregarded by the judges when imposing their interpretation of Title IX.


Wonder why college is so expensive? The bizarre enforced implementation of Title IX is part of the answer.


One could argue that USA women’s soccer only exists due to Title IX. However the program is analogous to the former communist East Germany’s government-imposed/subsidized women’s sports program. Minus the steroids (I think).


While the Trump Administration is pushing back on the transgender craze, our county has jumped in feet first. The Frederick County Council voted 7-0 on two bills to insert the phrase “gender identity, or sexual orientation." The bills addressed: housing, public accommodations, employment and overall unlawful discrimination.


I asked one of the three Republicans on the council why he voted for the two insertions of gender identity, and he said he was against discrimination against transgenders but not all the other crazy ideas like unfettered bathroom access.


I thought his answer was appropriate at the time, but in hindsight it’s kind of like saying, “I’m all for the US decision to nuke Hiroshima but I’m totally against incinerating Japanese cities during WW II.” After studying the abuse of the well-intentioned Title IX, the term “Quisling” came to mind. A kinder description would be naiveté.


Vidkun Quisling headed the Norwegian government during the Nazi occupation of Norway. He was quite cooperative with the fascists and was rewarded with a Norwegian firing squad in 1945 for his services. He went to his death claiming his innocence.


Since then “Quisling” has been used as a synonym for “traitor” and “collaborator.” Perhaps a harsh term to apply to our Republican councilmen. But, then again, what conservative principle supports men sharing a bathroom with our little girls? The simplest review of the history of Title IX, and its extreme interpretations, should have given our representatives pause.


Perhaps Messrs. Phil Dacey, Mike Blue and Steve McKay will explain their rationale for voting for concessions to the transgender movement.


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