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As Long as We Remember...

June 3, 2019

Standing Up For 287(g)

Jason Miller

There have been some colorful letters to the editor in The Frederick News-Post attacking Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and his 287(g) partnership with the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


This perfectly legal program turns over criminal illegal immigrants, caught committing crimes in Frederick County, to federal immigration authorities via central booking procedures.


The recent dubious and fanciful claims of racial profiling and a lack of accountability are brought to us by the same people who, for whatever reason; fail to give their brains a chance when it comes to applying logic and reason in public safety policy. The Federal ICE 287g program restarts the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants from the State of Maryland in accordance with federal law.


The truth of the matter is that MS-13 crime, and other gang related activity including depraved violent acts and Illegal drug sales, are all diminished in areas where the 287(g) partnership is enacted. Many of the far-left voices attacking Sheriff Jenkins attempt to link the ICE 287(g) program to President Donald Trump. In all actuality, the program was established in 1996 under President Bill Clinton.


Too bad these voices attacking the sheriff didn’t actually do the research before expressing such false claims. Too bad that charged emotion is substituted for sound mindedness in their small circular membership of fringe progressive agitators.


That’s par for the course when it comes to the local socialist, anarchists, communists, and extreme progressives who proudly display their honestly dishonest attacks of Sheriff Jenkins. Speaking of honesty, the 287(g) Program was implemented in 2008 by the sheriff under the Jan Gardner Board of County Commissioners.


Anyone can view the archived County Commissioner meeting held on Thursday, October 16, 2008, on the third floor of Winchester Hall where commissioner now Councilman Kai Hagan, and commissioner now County Executive Jan Gardner didn’t seem to have a problem with 287(g) six months after it had been implemented. More so, there are times that they both offer praise for the functionality of the program.


These latest attacks on the sheriff’s partnership in the 287(g) Program stem from a disastrous idleness on the part of Frederick County conservatives over the past several years. For too long left-wing radicals and socialists in Frederick have expressed a myriad of emotional temper tantrums masquerading as legitimate public policy concerns.


These fringe leftists have been offering anti-287(g) public comment at County Council meetings since January of this year. They struggle to form a coherent argument against the program while acting as if they speak for everyone in the county.


Between the muttering, one can obviously discern that they detest the program. They imply that anyone who supports it is a knuckle-dragging racist who isn’t fit to have an opinion. That could not be further from the truth. There are many good reasons to support the 287(g) program that seem to escape their narrow-minded emotional conjecture.


Historically, many conservatives in Frederick County have looked to the leaders and politicians of the Republican Party here to meet these self-promoting leftists in the contest of ideas. Sadly, some Republican Party officials have historically sat silent as radical leftwing groups, similar to those opposing 287(g), have become more vocal and more prevalent in Frederick County.


The Chairman of the local Republican Party gave a full-throated endorsement of the 287(g) Program at a public hearing on June 13, 2018, while running for the state senate. One looks forward to the day when he steers the local Republican Central Committee into public solidarity with Sheriff Jenkins on 287(g), not because it gets a vote or secures a donation, but because it’s the right thing to do.


In the meantime, some Frederick County conservatives who are not bound to political party pressures are ready to stand up against the radical leftist assault on sound public safety policy like the 287(g) Program. The stakes are too great not to do so. The public safety of Frederick County’s families and communities depend on vocal conservatives pushing back against the vocal progressives spreading fake news, frequent and false claims of racism, and personal insults for anyone who disagree with them.


Make no mistake of conservative resolve. Gone are the heady carefree, self-indulgent days enjoyed by the county’s far left false narrative machine. Gone are the wine and roses that many progressive groups have enjoyed for too long being as the only voice in public discussions.


The progressive assault on Sheriff Jenkins and the 287(g) partnership with ICE is a bridge too far.


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