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As Long as We Remember...

March 25, 2019

The End of The Beginning

Jason Miller

The heads of both liberal progressives and their NeverTrump allies exploded on Friday as the mainstream media learned that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)-Russia collusion investigation, headed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, had finished without any further indictments. No Russian collusion was found.


The FBI had two years to conduct multiple investigations into the official and unofficial behavior of political operatives in both the White House and President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. The result, as it has been presented thus far, is that the FBI has found not one piece of conclusive evidence to link the Russian government to President Trump or his 2016 campaign.


The only evidence of Russian collusion that keeps creeping up in the investigation involves the Hillary Clinton campaign's hiring of a former British MI-6 agent, who authored the now factually dismissed Trump dossier which was leaked to BuzzFeed after it was given to the FBI. This dossier acted as the basis for wiretapping the 2016 Trump presidential campaign after the Republican presidential primary race.


What do the Trump deranged leftists do now that there is no evidence of collusion? How does a good media leftist shift the narrative? The talking heads at MSNBC seemed to be catapulted back to 2016 when Mr. Trump won Florida thus securing the White House.


As to be expected, Fox News had smug commentary in that they knew all along the Mueller investigation would amount to nothing. In a random act of unbiased journalism, CNN had no choice but to report the very opposite of what they have been saying for two years.


The Mueller report should not be confused with the opposition research investigation dossier by Hillary Clinton's campaign. This research was later handed to Arizona Sen. John McCain, who then handed it to the FBI. The Mueller investigation was indeed a witch hunt that Democrats hoped to use as reason to dig up dirt on the president in matters unrelated to Russian collusion.


The media coped with this revelation better than some Capitol Hill Democrats. If you're a half-witted not ready for prime time Democrat presidential candidate like California Sen. Kamala Harris, you demand the full report be released so you can use it against the president in the 2020 election. Caution dictates that one would want to read the full report before calling for its release to the public. Be careful what you wish for.


If you fancy yourself as the Spartacus of Democrats, like New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker, you want to use the collusion investigation as free opposition research while using it as a fundraising opportunity. It’s the only thing left that you can do with a straight face.


Democrat pundits and strategists can be seen running around as if their hair is on fire, all because the message they believed for two years in reality isn't so. There was no there "there." The smoking gun of collusion was a delusion in the feeble minds of those longing for a Trump impeachment.


If the Mueller investigation is viewed in the terms of opposition research, it becomes a priceless commodity. The highest payed consulting firms specializing in finding dirty laundry cannot demand compliance with an interview under penalty of law, nor can they issue subpoenas. The FBI can do both.


The Russian collusion investigation is the end of the beginning. The fight to make the findings public begins. Democrats only purpose in proposing this be made public is to embarrass the president.


If the Democrats had given equal energy in demanding that the botched Fast and Furious investigation under President Barack Obama be made public, they would have a leg to stand on.


As of today, former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder stands guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to release requested documents in that particular affair. That is not a good look when demanding full disclosure of investigations regarding any presidential decision be they Democrats or Republicans.


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