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As Long as We Remember...

March 4, 2019

Jumping the Shark

Jason Miller

Last Monday was “Gun Bill Day” in Annapolis for the Maryland General Assembly. Gun rights activists gathered from across the state to offer testimony and to protest the Infringement and erosion of Second Amendment rights in Maryland.


More than 1,400 people advocating against progressive efforts to curtail the 2nd Amendment faced blistering criticism from the hypersensitive leftist legislators who have yet to grasp that the real criminals don't care about their additional gun laws.


That same Monday the secretary of the Maryland Democratic Party pushed a post n social media calling the Second Amendment supporters "Homegrown Terrorists." This man also insinuated that he would make public these "terrorist’s" privately held information online. A practice known as "doxing."


The social media response by the Second Amendment advocates was swift and cutting. One irritated gun advocate posted the contact information of the Maryland State Democratic Party where apparently this secretary worked. Within a half hour the more than one thousand and four hundred Second Amendment advocates, who were in Annapolis, were encouraged to reach out to the Maryland Democrats and offer their thoughts directly.


Given the recent reluctance by Democrats in the General Assembly to use logic and reason when drawing up their legislation this year, it isn't surprising that an official within the Maryland Democratic Party would believe these Second Amendment advocates are indeed “Homegrown Terrorists.” Such has been the progressive march since Trump Derangement Syndrome spread throughout rank and file Maryland Democrats. It still defies common sense as why this Democratic Party secretary hasn’t been fired publically. This does not bode well for the Maryland Democratic Party.


The popular "WE WILL NOT COMPLY" t-shirt that was seen is one example of how hundreds of conservative constituents are responding to this latest attack on law abiding gun owners by Democrats. Every year there are efforts by progressives to address the Democrat symptoms of the many Democrat problems that their Democrat philosophy has shackled to Maryland. Seldom do Democrat legislators address the causes of the problems. The causes being mostly activist progressives who want to require that people live a certain way that is in keeping with their progressive vision.


Elections have consequences and all of the niceties between Gov. Larry Hogan and the Democrats are over. Democrats can see with delight that they have a lame duck Republican governor and a powerful Democrat veto proof majority in both the Maryland House of Delegates and State Senate. Nothing is likely going to change the Democrat status quo in the near term.


Maryland gun owners are headed for troubles innumerable if the antigun agenda that some progressive Maryland Democrats are pushing becomes law. These proposed gun laws will not make anything safer.


If that type of logic were applied, Baltimore would be a sprawling utopian after 2013's gun laws and not a blight of nationwide embarrassment that it is today. The failures on the part of Democrats, who run Baltimore city's government, should not be taken out on the law abiding residents who live across the State of Maryland.


A growing number of Maryland County sheriffs have come to understand that the progressive antigun activists jumped the shark with their latest attempt at Maryland gun control. More than seven county sheriffs have said they will push back on enforcing unconstitutional gun laws.


Thank god that our Frederick County sheriff is one of them. Yet one more reason that we all need to keep voting Chuck Jenkins as sheriff in Frederick County.


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