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February 25, 2019

Leadership Is Not a Title

Jason Miller

The day-to-day minutia of grass roots conservative politics has seen the rise and fall of personalities like the ebb and flow of the daily tide. The lack of a uniting purpose inside conservative circles is almost beyond repairing. However, there is a chance for redemption before it's too late.


Group conflicts abound when ambitious conservative leaders undermine their principles and their fellow conservatives by submitting themselves to the temptations of private political gain. Meanwhile, the organizers for the progressive socialist movement in America is gaining steam.


The saddest part of this scenario is that many – if not all – conservative leaders can agree that something must be done about the rising popularity of socialism in the United States. The latest epidemic of willful ignorance to socialism's historical failures is gripping our country at an alarming rate. Yet a lack of meaningful pushback from conservative groups isn't present.


The problem facing many within the conservative mindset is a startling lack of competence at the helm. The infighting and back stabbing against their fellow conservatives only serves the well-organized socialist hoards. There is a political dearth in the form of true conservative leadership at a local, state, and federal level to take the socialist threat as seriously as it needs to be taken.


Recent history shows that many conservative groups have been hijacked by a leadership type that proceeds to usher in the personal greed. This, then, feeds a private ambition among leaders, who soon replace traditional principled conservative values for powerful titles over the course of time.


The very qualities that elevate some of these group leaders can quickly sabotage those leaders when they begin to steer the helm of their organizations. This is why the left can rally their supporters rain or shine, but conservatives lack the organized means to do the same.


This political theory on the conservative organizations themselves and their “Type A” personality leaders seems more evident every day. Some local level conservative groups have become more concerned with the power that the other conservative groups have instead of the progressives who are already united in a common purpose.


In fighting abounds when so many drone on and on about holding cocktail party fundraisers and the need for some grand socialite to take the helm of the united conservative resistance. The truth is that formidable conservative movements start from the ground up, and not the top down. There is no conservative unity simply because someone says there is. That was plainly evident in this past state election. Riding social coattails to glory is a poor excuse for not fighting the good fight when the needed battle over ideas finally came.


Leadership is not the fruit of an attempted elected title. Leadership is an act that increases the likelihood of an elected title. Those who need a title for the sake of leading others don't deserve the title and – more importantly – don't deserve to lead. Those who feel they are some sort of a conservative savior will more than likely not be able to lead an army of ants when the time calls for it. The deafening calls to gather behind a singular person in a multifaceted conservative movement smacks of a narcissism too often seen in professional politicians.


The sad truth is that the conservative factions need a dedicated purpose for being. Socialism will continue to rise when conservative movements that are formed to counter socialism become tools for the ego or political ambitions of the men and women who head the groups dedicated to such endeavors.


True conservative leadership is not achieved by forcing other conservative voices to bow in silence to whatever behind the scenes political pressure can be brought to bear. Real conservative leadership rises to the occasion when such political pressures present themselves and with virtue withstands such temptations for the disaster that they are.


Leaders who are clad in the armor of conservative principles and can speak volumes to the values of the conservative cause are the types of leaders we desperately need. In the quest to thwart socialist progressives, there are no substitutes. Such are leaders who raise themselves to the occasion.


What is not needed are leaders who seek out opportunities for a personally advantageous path to political glory by using conservative groups as pawns in their quest for private power and influence.


If the cause is just, why not just support the cause?


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