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January 30, 2019

Seeking An Apology

Cindy A. Rose

On January 9, 2019, the public was informed that Lois Jarman would be County Executive Jan Gardner’s pick for the Board of Education seat being vacated by Ken Kerr.


Mr. Kerr was only two years into his four year commitment to parents and students when he decided he would rather be a delegate to the General Assembly than a member of the Frederick County Board of Education. Apparently, he wasn’t that “committed.”


Fearing Ms. Jarman was on Ms. Gardner’s short list, on January 8, 2019, I wrote to the County Council who would be voting on Ms. Jarman’s fitness for the position and requested they not approve her.


I suggested Dr. April Miller be appointed to the seat as she has served eight years with honor and dignity. She would also be the lone voice on the Board representing conservative values.


During her run for County delegate in 2018, Ms. Jarman made a post on social media calling Edison Hatter, Seth Eisenberg, Packan, and myself “HERPies.” She said we were haters who didn’t belong on the Board of Education.


Ms. Jarman displayed a level of unprofessionalism and incivility rarely seen, even in today’s very divisive climate.


During the council’s public comments on Ms. Jarman’s appointment, M. C. Keegan-Ayer, council president, reported that Ms. Jarman apologized for her bad choice in making such a statement. She didn’t apologize for posting it, she apologize for the “choice” she made in posting.


On January 22, 2019, I wrote to Ms. Jarman and welcomed her to the Board of Education.


I also felt compelled to ask her about her commitment to education since the public was denied the opportunity to vet her. The questions I asked:


1. As a militant advocate of LGBT matters and past attendee of the racist, bigoted Women’s March, I want to know if you plan on sticking to matters that involve local public education, or if you plan to pursue, along with other progressive members of the BoE, a political agenda?


2. Do you plan on running in 2020 to keep this position?


3. If you do and you earn your seat, will you abandon it in two years like Mr. Kerr, to seek a higher office?


4. What is your position on Policy 443? (The policy that allows boys into girl’s bathrooms.)


As of this writing no apology, nor the answers to my questions, have been forthcoming.


Why do I bring this up?


First, apologizing is the adult and responsible thing to do. When our children are rude we make them apologize to those they have publicly tried to shame and/or embarrass. Ms. Jarman owes us, and the public, an apology.


Second, also yesterday Superintendent Theresa Alban blogged a piece entitled “The Importance of Civility” and said: “Reminding our students that being polite and respectful is important—FCPS celebrates the Civility Week Kindness Challenge from January 29-February 1st!”


She invited the public to join FCPS “civility week kindness challenge.”


I challenge Ms. Jarman to take Superintendent Alban up on her challenge and issue a public apology to Edison Hatter, Seth Eisenberg, Chaz Packan and myself.


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