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As Long as We Remember...

December 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Jason Miller

Some were greeted on social media this week with a new cause for progressive Christmas outrage. This year, it's the classic children’s cartoon "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer" that's ruining Christmas for the political correctness crowd. The PC bruisers are attacking a Christmas classic because it (allegedly) promotes bullying.


That’s right. Santa is a bully in the show. He treats his elves bad and is mean to Rudolf. The boss elf is the meanest elf because he carries a whip in Santa's workshop. Rudolf should have told Santa off instead of helping him.


Despite the name, candy canes are now banned in one school because they represent Jesus with the “J” (if you turn the cane upside down. They're too offensive for today’s standards.


Even now on social media a professor is saying that God did not have Mary's consent before the virgin birth and thus celebrating Christmas is somehow tied to rape culture...Wow...


In what strange and depressing worlds these people must live. To have ones mission in life to be to mold a diverse culture into a state of numbness toward Christians. It’s getting worse by the year.


How far it is that some people are willing to travel in order to be offended by Christmas. Some get angry at the drop of a hat that they dropped themselves.


Who watches a children’s cartoon looking for so called cultural dog whistles?


Who is it that makes it their mission in life to tell the rest of us how to think, act, and feel at Christmas?


Who stands ready to shame those who do not adopt their worldviews in a timely way in the name of cultural inclusion?


The answer is bullying people who have nothing better to do than to be a Grinch at Christmas.


For too long the majority of us, who could care less about these Grinches personally, have allowed these very Grinches to busy themselves by chipping away at all the Christmas cheer in hopes of removing it. These people have ruined the spirit of Christmas.


The Grinches got rid of nativity scenes from most public places and yet some are protesting churches for not taking the nativity from private land. Christmas carolers are a thing of the past in some places because a carol song might reference Jesus Christ! No one wants a lawsuit for Christmas! Especially trespassing during the performance of a hate crime charge.


The television is full of talking heads who tout economic indicators from Christmas shopping being great for your investments. This follows on report that a woman pulled a handgun and shot her husband in a Black Friday domestic dispute at a Walmart. This is the world we live in.


Some are not going to politely be quiet anymore when some Grinch tells them that Frosty the Snowman is a metaphor for global warming. They will not be offended when a minority of sad people want to project their personal misery with themselves onto the Christian masses with their anti-Christmas cheer. Christians might even invite these people into their homes on Christmas!


They will proudly remind us that it's okay to say Jesus at Christmas parties without whispering because he's why we celebrate. We are Christians and this is our holiday. It is a cultural experience in our faith that is open to anyone.


Let them have their holiday party! Not a soul should mind! When they’re done, invite them to stop by your Christmas party and share in the experience. These people should be turned away.


There is nothing that Christians can do if you’re offended by this Christian celebration. Many have already decided that there is absolutely nothing Christians can't do to not offend those determined to be offended.


Not celebrating Christmas is not an option for Christians. The U.S. economy would grind to a halt even if they did. Many will celebrate because the last time they checked, they are still free to celebrate their faith openly and freely. As it should be.


Many Christians along with Frosty, Rudolf, Santa, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Charlie Brown, The Simpsons, Garfield the Cat, or any other cartoon characters they feel pleased to invite and incorporate into the celebration  will find themselves thrust into the festivities and merriment. It’s a joyful and blessed time. Why not just embrace it?


Merry Christmas!


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