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As Long as We Remember...

October 29, 2018

A Blast from The Past

Jason Miller

Frederick County is full of plain speaking grass-roots conservative voters. They look to results-driven conservative leadership. They are definitely fiscal hawk conservatives, too.


Why is it that no Republican candidate for county council can come out plainly against "Question D," and its fiscally irresponsible binding arbitration clause?


Why doesn't the Frederick County Republican Central Committee oppose publically "Question D" for the sake of government accountability?


Why doesn't the Republican Club of Frederick County start opposing “Question D” publically and stand up for the Republican Party platform for once?


Once upon a time, the local Republican Party believed there was a difference between simply spending tax dollars and spending those tax dollars wisely. Back then, binding arbitration would have been opposed publically because of the havoc it releases on county budgets.


Once upon a time, the local Republican Party knew the meaning of working hard for the people who worked the hardest in Frederick County.


Back then, binding arbitration would have been opposed publically because it raises taxes on an already cash-strapped county struggling to build schools and roads at the same time.


Once upon a time, local Republicans cared about electing members of their party to solve the problems facing our county and our communities.


Back then, binding arbitration would have been opposed publically because it takes power away from elected officials and places it into the hands of an indifferent third party lawyer who may or may not live in Frederick County.


Once upon a time, the Republican Party didn't surrender on an issue before putting up a fight. Back then, a bad idea was still a bad idea with or without a union endorsement or two.


Those where the days...


Anyone serving on the County Council can gather and talk about the problems facing Frederick County Fire and Rescue. The results of these conversations are trivial if binding arbitration is passed as the solution to these problems. Frederick County will have no say in the end, anyway. Someone else will ultimately decide the budget if "Question D" passes. Someone who is not elected by Frederick County voters.


How about the local Republican Party standing up for Republican core principles like it once did? Like it did when it wasn't embarrassed by its own local conservative base.


How about the local Republican Party, and all the local Republican clubs, urge voters to say NO to "Question D?"


How about the local Republican Party, and the local Republican clubs start acting like real Republicans when faced with a choice? Why not come out loudly and publically against "Question D," because it's the right thing to do?


How about Republican leadership start acting like Republicans for a change. Wouldn't that be a blast from the past?


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