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As Long as We Remember...

April 17, 2018

Muggles and Murders

Harry M. Covert

Where are all the public demonstrations, the students who walk out of classes, or the alleged caring lawmakers who echo the same old chants about guns?


Somehow, the incantations and solutions are nowhere to be found. The actions from the squealers and general pains in the tochuses, derrières if you don’t mind, are muggles. They don’t have a clue as how they may stop shootings, stabbings and murders anywhere.


Let me explain just why I refer to the above as muggles. They are all talk and offer no solutions, excepting hate-filled spiels.


Author J.K. Rowling brought the term muggles into active use with Harry Potter books and movies. The meaning simply describes non-magical people.


The meaning I’m using describes “a person (or persons) who is not conversant with a particular activity or skill.”


While the national talk is attacking responsible gun ownership, amnesia abounds where localities are continually facing killings of all sorts.


For example, three people were shot and killed since Friday night in Baltimore.


In Frederick, Maryland, at 55 minutes after midnight into Sunday, two men shot and murdered a 20-year-old near downtown. It was a robbery.


Frederick police got the call, responded quickly and tried to save the victim’s life. The emergency response team made a big effort, too, but the young man died in a hospital.


There is no reporting on a broad scale that the recent victims were high school or college students. One of the Baltimore casualties was a 65-year-old grandmother. The other was a robbing death.


There is no comparison to other similar events. The murders referenced here won’t bring a solution, or create downtown demonstrations, or cable television nonstop eviscerations.


What value is there in the lives of the most recent slain? They died for what purpose? They won’t receive public outcries of support.


Most people with any sense, at all, are well aware that changing hearts and minds of killers on any level is impossible – but needed.


It is sad to keep reporting that Baltimore is the murder capital of the nation. Officials are at great distress trying to figure out how to protect everybody.


Fortunately, Frederick city and county are not in the statistical race for heaviest crime infested populations.


Will more demonstrations help, or just be publicity show-offs? Actually there will be no protesters for these matters.


There is one school where teachers were given baseball bats to defend their classes if an active shooter appears. Others are authorizing arming some teachers.


Preventing solid citizens from concealed carry permits is bad legislation. Perpetuators of the latest shootings didn't have legal licenses.


We all cry at the constant loss of lives. Most unfortunately, and regretfully, they will continue unless and until a miracle, a phenomenon breaks out.


Seriously consider that this issue is not political, left or right or party.


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