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November 13, 2017

Barrie, Itís your fault I screen my phone calls!

Brooke Winn

For years, there has been a drawn out, bitter struggle between factions on the Frederick County Republican Central Committee (FCRCC). Enter Barrie Ciliberti, appointed to his Maryland Delegate position in early 2015 after the FCRCC, then “chaired” by Joeylynn Hough, pushed him through the selection process.


No doubt I’ll be called a liar again on social media by FCRCC member Michael Hill. But look for yourself at the public campaign finance reports. Joeylynn Hough, the wife of State Sen. Michael Hough, was never recognized by the state as chairwoman of the FCRCC. Perhaps the Hough household should enact their own ethics reform first before subjecting the rest of us to higher standards?


Delegate Ciliberti owes his position to Joeylynn Hough. And ever since his appointment, he has been the Hough machine’s rubber stamp of approval, while also interjecting himself in random FCRCC issues.


As a 90’s baby, I grew up with edgy, empowering pop icons like Gwen Stefani of No Doubt. And you know what lesson she taught me at a young age in her famous “Spiderwebs” song? Screen your phone calls.


Remember back to my last column, when I referred to the “self-serving narcissistic monsters who are completely willing to sell their ‘principled’ soul” for extra money in their bank account? Consider these screened phone calls as Exhibit A.


December 3, 2015 at 1:51PM: (


Delegate Ciliberti: Yes, hi, I’m trying to reach Brooke Winn. Brooke. Hi, Delegate Barrie Ciliberti here. We’ve never met.


My thoughts: You’re dog gone right we’ve never met. I don’t know you from Adam. How did you get my cell phone number? Creepy. Why are you calling me in the middle of the work day to discuss central committee elections?


Delegate Ciliberti: But, congratulations, uh, on your appointment to the Central Committee. Uh, just wanted to talk with you, um, about a number of issues, so, when you have a chance, give me a buzz back at 301-XXX-XXXX. Thanks, Brooke, take care.


My thoughts: I’ve been on the committee for 6 months, but now all of a sudden, you have an interest in speaking with me?


December 3, 2015 at 5:28PM: (


Delegate Ciliberti: Yeah, hi, Brooke, uh, Barrie Ciliberti here. Uh again, you’re a busy woman, ha. I’m on my way to Winchester Hall, but I understand there’s a meeting tonight with the Central Committee. And, uh, you don’t know me. Uh, but I’d enjoy meeting you personally and, over coffee, or whatever. Glass of wine. Get to know each other.


My thoughts: Again, yeah, I don’t know you. And wine? Sounds a bit inappropriate to be asking a young woman out for adult beverages who doesn’t know you.


Delegate Ciliberti: But, uh, I just want to point out that, uh, Joeylynn has been an enormous contribution to this party and to the central committee. When she took over, they had a budget of, they had uh, $2,000 in their treasury.


My thoughts: Actually, Barrie, it was $3,542.39 to be exact as of January, 21, 2015, shortly after Joeylynn took over as “Chair.”


Delegate Ciliberti: And she got it up to $23,000. We also have about $16,000 in there now.


My thoughts: I’ll give credit where credit is due. This is an accurate statement.


Delegate Ciliberti: And uh, I don’t know how new you are and I don’t mean to be, just uh, insulting.


My thoughts: If you have to preface a statement insisting you don’t mean to sound insulting, it’s probably insulting.


Delegate Ciliberti: It’s not who I am. But uh, we’ve got some problems up here in this County with the “Hate Club” known as the Republican Club. They boycotted our Lincoln Day Dinner, the Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner.


My thoughts: Wow, are you calling many of your constituents and Republican activists haters? Because they are working with other Republicans you deem enemies? Maybe they boycotted for reasons similar to this voicemail?


Delegate Ciliberti: They do everything they can to, you know, uh, bad mouth, the Senator, Senator Hough, myself, Kathy Afzali, Dave Vogt. And it gets old. Not that it bothers me, I mean, on a scale of one to ten, it bothers me zero.


My thoughts: Really, Barrie? Because, call me crazy, but it kind of seems like it bothers you.


Delegate Ciliberti: But just, uh, it’s very conflicting up here. And you’re probably aware of it by now. But (in) any event, I’m calling to say that, uh, Joeylynn has been really a major contributor to the, uh, to the, to the wealth, and really the health of the Republican Party up here. Uh, it’s a very firm and well run central committee. So, I’m just saying that to say please consider her, uh, tonight, when the election’s up. Or when the election comes up. And if you have any questions, or you wanna yell at me, I uh, ha, my cell phone here, I’ve got three different ((inaudible)) to go to tonight, 301-XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much. Take care, Brooke.


Barrie, at this time, you should probably explain to your constituency why you felt the need to leave over two minutes of commentary on my phone, waving your pom-poms for Joeylynn Hough. Neither you, nor Joeylynn, have lifted a finger for the FCRCC since she lost her “Chairmanship” two years ago.


You talk about keeping up the good “health of this Republican Party,” yet both of you are a contagious, incurable disease within it.


Perhaps, you should be reminded who you serve, Barrie – neither one of the Hough’s, not your donors, not the lobbyists in Annapolis and not the senior leadership within the Maryland Republican Party. You serve the people of your district, answering ultimately to them. And by the looks of it, you have some answering to do.


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