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As Long as We Remember...

October 15, 2012

Taking Parents Out of The Equation Part 1

Cindy A. Rose

Beginning today Frederick County Public Schools will be hosting a series of education nights to familiarize parents with The Common Core Standards.


As a parent advocate, I want interested persons to be fully informed before setting one foot inside their propaganda rooms. I don’t hold the school system wholly responsible for the spin. Most are ignorant as to how what we know as “Common Core” grew from an ideology to an idea and into reality.


I’ll share the facts I know and let you decide if you want this in our local classrooms.


First, let’s start out calling Common Core what it is: a National Curriculum. It was sold to schools, parents and educators as a way to level the playing field for career and college readiness. Students in Miami would be taught the same as students in Seattle.


It was sold as standards in math and English; but, oh, looky here, come this December Social Studies will be added in.


Before I continue, let me point out that there are two groups working on “education reform.” Group One I call the “faux reformer.” They seek to transform the American education system into the Department of Labor. Group Two is the one I and my associates are working on. It seeks to re-establish the parent as the entity with first and final authority over how and what our children are taught under a “true partnership” with our educators.


So, you should not be surprise that less and less control is being had on the local level because it is the faux reformers who have current control over education.


Power is being siphoned away from local jurisdictions back to the states and will ultimately arrive at the feet of the federal government. The conduit is Common Core. The end game of this reform is to remove the parents and the states completely.


Let me share some history that is easily verifiable on the Internet.


Common Core was the brain child of Marc Tucker, friend of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and president of the National Center for Education and the Economy. He has been working with the Clintons on education reform since the late 1980s.


Mr. Tucker is currently working with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the rest of the U.S. Department of Education on implementing The Common Core Standards. He is one of the leading powers behind the “national standard” push for education. He’s authored various papers on the link between highly skilled individuals, their rate of pay, and how this helps the economy. He holds no education degree and has never taught in any K-12 classroom. Yet, somehow, he is an authority on how to reform our entire education system.


Let me try to dispel for you the notion that Common Core was born of the Governors’ Council, which was urged by colleges to have their students better prepared. Those are the public talking points that make parents comfortable with accepting Common Core Standards. It’s also how the standards manage to remain unchallenged by parents and the public at large.


Back in 1992 after Bill Clinton won election, Marc Tucker fired off a letter to his good friend, Hillary. In his letter he set forth the plan on how to change educating our children for a brighter future for themselves, to how to train our children as the workforce of tomorrow. Mr. Tucker refers to this as developing “human resources” and sees it as a mechanism to building a strong economy.


Mr. Tucker’s vision, as well as that of his counterparts, is not for educating our children, but for creating a jobs corps program where employers can pick employees like fruit from a tree. It’s one of the reasons the Obama Administration is happy to enlist his help. You might recall him during the 2008 campaign when he referenced creating a strong jobs corps. Our schools are the training grounds.


If not a takeover to develop “human resources,” why did Bill Gates (Microsoft), Craig Barrett (Intel) and Louis Gerstner, Jr., (IBM) form Achieve, Inc., and then become strong partners with the U.S. Department of Education. They see the potential to make billions.


I know you are all thinking it’s because they are interested in education reform, and they are; but they are part of the faux reform group. Education for the sake of money, not education for the sake of our children.


It was IBM’s Louis Gerstner who said at the 1989 National Governors Convention: “Education is big business. Why are we not in it?” He doesn’t care about education; he cares about making money.


And it’s big money. Two consortiums, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and Partnership for the Assessments of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) who are working on curriculum and standards and will be sharing $360 million in Race to The Top dollars.


Sounds conspiratorial, I know. However, if you take a look at the latest incarnations of No Child Left Behind in the form of Race to The Top and The Common Core Standards, you’ll begin to see a framework unfold. If you look further at President Barack Obama’s Blue Print for Education Reform, you’ll see language that should frighten you.


What I’d like parents and the community to at least consider is the possibility I might be right. Mr. Tucker and his supporters are trying to transform the American education system into an arm of the Department of Labor. He infers it in his letter to Mrs. Clinton: “In any case … we believe that some extraordinary measure well short of actually merging the departments of labor and education is required to move the new agenda with dispatch.”


If you attend the Frederick County Public Schools events on Common Core, ask what they know about any of this. If you ask nothing keep this information in the back of your mind while you are listening.


Read Part Two of this column tomorrow for the rest of the story. I’ll explain and provide evidence of how the faux reformers want to change from the American education model to the German dual education model. Training children for the jobs of the future.


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