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As Long as We Remember...

October 12, 2012

Next Year’s Election

Roy Meachum

Based on the first debate, national Republicans declared they’re back in the White House. We’ll see. Moving right along, the City of Frederick elects the mayor and Board of Aldermen next November.


From the Frederick News-Post front-pages, County Commissioner Billy Shreve is running hard, either for re-election to Winchester Hall, or for City Hall; I’ve been informed by trusted friends that he’s going to be in the municipal race in 2013. This places him in competition with an incumbent Republican.


Mayor Randy McClement looks like he’s ready to put his hat back in the ring. He has proven a strong administrator, dispensing with “deputy mayor” Rick Weldon early. On issues Mr. McClement has proven remarkably steadfast. As someone who lives on Market Street, I admire the way he handled the downtown “police crisis.” Hard for a politician, he shut the hell up and left it to Chief Kim Dine – while one alderwoman seethed.


That may be unfair to Shelley Aloi. But I know her “patron” Jonathan Staple was upset before the incidents south of Patrick Street. He’s also talked of her running for the city’s top job. Friends confirm she’s looking hard at the desk held by a fellow GOP member.


Also, at least, in the conversational pool, I heard ex-Mayor Jeff Holtzinger’s name. I was not privy why he declined to bid for a second term. He made controversial decisions, which I thought went with the job. It will be hard for the Republican politico to scramble back in.


On the other side of the blanket, ex-Mayor Ron Young will cede the City Hall competition to his wife, Alderwoman Karen Lewis Young; he’s making a good record as the state senator from Frederick. Another of her colleagues, Carol Krimm, is supposedly more interested in her former boss’ desk; she worked for Del. Galen Clagett before running for her own political office. She has more than enough qualifications for the General Assembly.


Ms. Young is presently president pro tem, which simply means she received the most votes in 2009 in this city that registers more Democrats than Republicans; in other words, as in the State of Maryland, there was a split in the majority party when Mr. Holtzinger and Mr. McClement were elected.


Being present, I know the local division was attributable to Jennifer Dougherty; the one-term mayor, according to rumors, is thinking on her former office. She was beaten badly in the primary, unheard of for an incumbent, by Ron Young who deserves credit for all sorts of projects in Frederick, including Carroll Creek. Because of Dougherty Democrats who voted for Republican Holtzinger, he went on to the Senate in Annapolis.


His wife, Karen Young, should clean up in the primary, ditto the sitting mayor. In the general election in November 2013, they will face each other. If George Romney wins next month, the race for city offices becomes very interesting. Neither Ms. Young nor Mr. McClement has trouble raising money, nor organizing backers. The county remains staunchly GOP under her son-in-law, Blaine, who’s made noises about trying for governor.


If national Republicans are right, this should make for a great peeing contest one year from now.


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