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As Long as We Remember...

September 14, 2012

Burning Ears, Enough is Enough

Harry M. Covert

The other day driving just a few miles over the limit, I was listening to one of the sports radio stations. The experts were newspaper sportswriters turned sportscasters, who were prattling on the state of football and baseball.


Trying to be provocative, the boys debated the title chances for Baltimore’s Ravens and Orioles and Washington’s Nationals and Redskins.


The raggedy talk by the would-be clever airmen caused my car to bolt to 78 mph. My eyes glanced in the rearview mirror on I-270, the sign to Frederick read 10 miles and then nervously and thankfully I didn’t see any flashing blue lights.


“For chrissakes,” exclaimed John Feinstein of The Washington Post. “Thanks John,” said his colleague Mike Wise, “we look forward to hearing you next week.” After a chuckle they cut to commercial. What?


Normal day on the radio. No complaints, no calls and no riots.


It’s supposed to be a cool thing, this so-called progressiveness on the airways and general conversation. On another station, the discussion sounded like locker room chatter with lots of damns, p---ed offs, SOBs, and other off-color talk. I called the station, suggested the sports guys’ language be curbed and the cheery female secretary to the general manager said, “You don’t like it?” I responded in the negative and she said unfazed, “no one else has complained but you.”


The Federal Communications Commission and Christians of all denominations these days seem to be afraid to speak out against profanity on radio and television. This is cause for grave concern.


We should all be appalled by the Muslim attacks on American Embassies and the killings of an ambassador and American staff personnel. And, on the 9/11 anniversary. Muslims used an amateur video attacking their prophet as excuses to throw bombs, kill innocents and hurt those trying to help bring their societies from the Stone Age to the present.


I’ve spent a lifetime working in humanitarian projects throughout the world, including many Muslim and Arabic countries. Our governments and many religious and non-religious American charities have spent millions upon millions to feed, clothe and educate Muslims. Frankly, enough is enough.


When I hear radio and newspaper people use disparaging words publicly against Christians of all stripes, it rankles me, too. Christians are muzzled these days and I believe by fear of ridicule. But Christians don’t bomb cars or threaten local radio stations and newspapers for instances of severe and mean criticism.


A fine example of anti-Christian criticism is Tim Tebow, the professional footballer now with the New York Jets. He’s been ridiculed unmercifully by sportswriters, columnists and sportscasters on all of the ESPN networks. Just because he is not a freak and not a criminal and a young man who lives his faith, he’s a good target. Almost every day Tebow is reported as not a very good quarterback and probably won’t last in the professional game.


There are other players and coaches and managers who are subjected to severe ridicule. The newcomers though are the ones who get it most now. I can recall a few classy players who were champions and lived their personal faiths. How about the late right-hander (and first-class harmonica player) Carl Erskine of the Brooklyn Dodgers, the second baseman Bobby Richardson of the New York Yankees, respected and depended on by his teammates and the Los Angeles Dodgers great lefty Sandy Koufax, who wouldn’t pitch on a Jewish Sabbath or holiday.


The murderous and cowardly attacks on Americans, in Muslim countries and on our own soil, are unthinkable and inexcusable. It’s time to bring an end to this madness. Cut off the money, and take an even harder line dealing with the stupid and ignorant and bombers.


I haven’t forgotten the capture of Warren Weinstein by the Pakistanis a year ago. Mr. Weinstein, a Marylander, retired from the U.S. Agency for International Development, and spent his public life and career helping people around the world. American forces ought to be out in force trying to find him and kill his captors.


Mr. Weinstein is a good man. A family man and a man who always helped people, no matter their race, religion or whatever. Warren should be honored and not forgotten. He must be returned home unharmed. I pray for him every day.


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