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February 24, 2012

How “The Left” Intimidates

Joe Charlebois

Currently in the Maryland Senate there is debate over the same-sex marriage bill that was recently passed by the Maryland House of Delegates. It is likely to pass and then be signed into law by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D).


The issue of legalizing same-sex marriage has gained tremendous momentum in the United States over the last 10 years. The acceptance of more open discussion of homosexuality has – in large part – been due to the rapid change in an ever-evolving media culture that allows for freer expression and celebrating life outside the norms of society.


Those who don’t embrace the homosexual lifestyle, but accept or tolerate it, are a majority of our society. The societal norm for couples is and will always be defined as a woman and a man. For those who won’t – or don’t want to – accept the gay lifestyle as the norm do so because they believe homosexuality to be unnatural or abhorrent.


The left, which flexes its might through bullying tactics, treats those with traditional values as “out of step” with society. They deride these same people as “homophobic” – a term, if defined properly, would mean fear of the same – or afraid of homosexuality. Those who don’t tolerate homosexuality are not afraid of anything; they either have religious convictions or personal belief that it is an immoral act. Because they hold these beliefs does not make them bigots.


In the United States there are estimated to be well over 11 million illegal immigrants – this number would be much higher if it weren’t for a faltering economy. Attempts at curbing the tide of immigration and even deporting those here illegally comes at a price for those supporting deportation. The left, which benefits by the presence of illegal immigrants, will frequently and unhesitatingly intimidate those who disagree with them.


They attempt to intimidate opponents by claiming racism. But aren’t all men and women from the same race – the human race?


A majority – 75% – of illegal immigrants are from Mexico, Central America and South America and share a similar culture; but in reality they aren’t any different from us except for the fact they are not native to our country, have not been naturalized, or do not currently hold a valid Permanent Resident Card or “green card.” Because many Americans would like the immigration laws of the United States upheld does not make them racists.


Many American’s have ancestors who immigrated to the shores of the United States and went through the proper channels of immigration services prior to making a home in America. Many were even turned away if they didn’t meet all the requirements of immigration officials.


What the left is doing now is not only intimidate through claims of racism but by redefining the norms as well. The left would like to point to the great immigration wave of last century as a reflection of what has happened over the past 40 years. They are not the same. The current wave of illegal immigrants have not gone through the same channels and likely won’t.


The left is still attempting to rewrite the norms by way of the “The Party” from George Orwell’s 1984. The party destroyed historical information to erase in people’s minds what it was really like in the past. But this attempt at rewriting history by equating current day with the early 20th Century falls short. You cannot equate the two.


The fact remains that illegal is just that – illegal! They may carry driver’s licenses; many may be workers; many may even pay taxes – under illegally obtained social security numbers – but they are still here illegally.


Those who would like to uphold the law aren’t racists and they won’t be intimidated.


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