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As Long as We Remember...

July 7, 2011

What’s behind this growth proposal?

Blaine R. Young

Many people in this area were shocked and dismayed at Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to all but eliminate private well and septic development in the State of Maryland.


I certainly am not happy about it, but I was not the least bit surprised. The governor’s proposal fits squarely with the philosophy and strategy of the Democratic Party and is a further example of why we must work very hard during the next statewide election campaign to change the kind of leadership we have in Annapolis. I am disappointed – but not surprised – based on his stance and work on Parris Spendening’s “Smart Growth’ plan that my father, State Sen. Ron Young supported. He also touts O’Malley’s proposal as well.


As a recap, the governor wants to prohibit any sub-division development of more than five lots on private well and septic systems, anywhere in the State of Maryland. Of course, this only has an impact on the less densely populated regions of the state, which are predominantly central, western and southern Maryland, along with the Eastern Shore. Governor O’Malley’s stronghold jurisdictions, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, and Baltimore City, are only marginally affected, if at all, because those jurisdictions are primarily on public water and sewer systems.


Many around Frederick County have asked why would the governor do such a thing and squarely target people only in certain portions of the state. I’ll give you two answers: Because he can, and because that is his desire.


He can do this because the combined forces of the areas affected by this bill have nowhere near the number of senators and delegates in Annapolis as the larger jurisdictions which are not affected and which will support the governor. We are out-voted on this, and Mr. O’Malley knows it; and I believe he doesn’t care one bit how we feel about it.


He wants to do this because it fits in with the overall strategy of the Democratic Party, moving forward in their effort to win more political campaigns. The Democratic Party leadership does not like rural and suburban areas. The reason for that is simple: They vote Republican.


Governor O’Malley and his Democratic brethren would be very happy if not a single additional house is ever built in rural or suburban areas such as we enjoy in this county, and that the other outer-counties have relied upon for years for their needed growth. The Democrats would be very happy if your children and mine, when it comes time for them to buy a home, settle down and raise a family, would be priced out of Frederick County and be forced to move closer to Baltimore or Washington.


As the Russians learned during the Soviet era, it is much easier to control people when you cram more of them into smaller spaces. City dwellers who live vertically generally vote for Democrats. Suburban and rural residents who look out their windows and see a little bit of green are more likely to vote Republican.


I know this sounds simple, but I firmly believe this is why the governor has targeted well and septic development, and targeted suburban and rural residents in Maryland; or, as the governor would have it, the socialistic communistic great state of Maryland. He has written our votes off, but is doing his best to ensure that he has a shot of getting the votes of our children and grandchildren. It is up to us to fight for the next generations and bring more responsible and more accountable leadership to Annapolis.


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