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As Long as We Remember...

April 25, 2011

Bye-Bye Glenn Beck

Steven R. Berryman

My conspiracy theory includes billionaire manipulator George Soros holding a knife to the throat of FoxNews management’s throats; Glenn Beck has got to go, or else!


Except that the circumstances are right for the polite dissolution of the relationship between Mr. Beck and FoxNews. Mr. Beck owns his own production company and has another phase of his career to pursue.


FoxNews is tired of the constant rear-guard action to defend him; and he is tired of walking on egg shells.


With a non-prime viewing audience of two million – 5 P.M. EST during “drive-time” – you know it was a hard decision!


Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy will have to hawk gold bullion as a defensive investment on another show. Providers of non-hybrid plant seeds for veggie-independence and bomb shelters will have to look to a resurgent Lou Dobbs now.


Having Mr. Beck return to other projects was entirely predictable. The survival sermons and worst case scenarios-on-parade had just run their course…for now. One can only “cry wolf” for so long before the “high” of agitation wears thin.


The downside of the same warnings repeated over and over again – even with merit – is that we perceive them as propaganda after time…mentally tuning out.


But there is no other Glenn Beck. He is the antithesis of a news cycle.


Example: mainstream media gives up on the real origins of our Great Recession plus holding responsible parties accountable, and moves on to anything that has not been said yet – just to be the first in the 24/7/365 cycle of our “news content wars.”


Mr. Beck “gets” that just because it’s not new news today doesn’t mean that it does not rate the headline, certainly against a backdrop of breaking Lindsay Lohan freakiness and Royal Wedding stories! NEWS ALERT!


Getting “buried” except for the persistent Glenn Beck include:





Glenn Beck insisted on repeating the above until he sounded like a maniac. He insisted on pounding the new administrations’ connection with radical social activists, known ones. He called “a spade a spade” without remorse.


This Beck Guy gave a voice to things people did not want to hear: that sometimes entire religions can be hijacked for political purposes; that an American administration can put an agenda of “social-justice” ahead of a jobs and business focus for its first two entire years in office; critical time elapsed!


Mr. Beck added credibility even to designated crazies, like Lyndon LaRouche, as far back as 2006, agreeing that our major economic crash was on the way and inevitable.


And now the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund agree with a famous “Beckism” for the first time, but only last week: that the world economy is so fragile right now, we are but one catastrophic event away from a Great Depression.


Greece, Ireland, and Portugal all defaulting on their debt at the same time. Russia dumping gold onto the world market. China skips T-Bill auctions. Oil nations ditching the U. S. dollar. California going bankrupt and seeking federal protection in a rush of states to be the first in line.


How about a volcano’s ash blocking out the sun, a tidal wave from a meteor crash, or a solar flare destroying all unprotected microchips with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP)?


Well, you didn’t expect the Japan earthquake and nuclear disaster did you?


The world needs a Glenn Beck. He will morph into another form and prepare us for his “Phase II” enlightenment.


He balances out the timid news, and works against news that tells you what you want to hear.


I’m good with that!


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