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November 21, 2008

Secularismís Effects on A Society

Joe Charlebois

Secular socialism has made steady inroads into our society since the early 1960s when prayer was being removed from the schools. What has this led too?


This American society has been based on those rights given to us by our Creator (as stated in The Declaration of Independence). This is what separates us from other societies and truly makes us different from others.


Other societies grant rights and liberties through government, (which in turn can be taken back by government).


Our American society does not allow for government to infringe on liberties such as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” without due process of law.


The secular socialists continue to chip away at the very fabric of our collective being. Secularism is the true opponent of the First Amendment – yes, opponent! – not proponent.


Today’s socialists have taken cues from George Orwell’s use of double-speak. They have twisted the words of our Founders to eliminate freedom of religion and using the left-leaning courts to institute freedom from religion. What makes our country special is that it was founded with a principle that this country allows citizens to worship without the threat of persecution.


Lawsuits have been brought striking at the towns that display crèches and menorahs when Christmas and Chanukah are celebrated. Lawsuits have been filed to remove displays of the Ten Commandments from public display here in Frederick (even though the display was transferred to private ownership) as well as other localities throughout the country.


With all of these lawsuits against the local and state governments as well as the federal government, I have yet to see any of our elected or appointed leaders propose that any local, state, or even the federal government propose that Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, or any other religion become the official religion of the United States.


The fact is that a huge majority of this nation’s population are believers. They are believers of one of many faiths and choose to exercise their faith – freely. They require only that no one infringe on their ability to worship.


What the Secular Socialists are attempting to do is remove any and all symbols that a small minority of Americans may be offended by. I, as a Christian, am proud that America allows such a diversity of religious thought. When I see symbols of other faiths, I show respect. I, in turn, would expect to be shown respect by others. Just because one can see a religious symbol does not mean that it is some form of government endorsement.


A stark contrast to American freedoms is shown in France where employees in the workplace cannot wear religious symbols or clothing, and children attending government schools are restricted likewise.


Now the closest I can see that there is any endorsement of religion takes place in classrooms all across the United States as the day starts with the Pledge of Allegiance. It was written as a way to promote a patriotic fervor throughout the country when there was a great threat to our way of life. It was originally written without the phrase “under God” in it.


That was added as a way to show that unlike life dominated by Soviet rule, we believe in a creator greater than ourselves, a creator that treats all of his children with equal respect and love.


With that being said, courts have even ruled that this daily exercise is unconstitutional. Since then, those rulings have been reversed. The pledge has been deemed an exercise in patriotism by the courts and not a prayer to an almighty being. As things stand now, children are not required to recite the pledge but are asked to be respectful of those who do.


Over the years many of our holidays have become secularized. Thanksgiving Day was originally a day of thanksgiving, not to Native Americans, but to the Almighty (as set forth by decree). Christmas for many begins with an “X” instead of Christ. St. Valentine’s Day is now just Valentine’s Day, with few knowing the original historical significance of his sacrifice. Likewise those who revel with drink know little of the contributions that Saint Patrick made.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying these holidays, just as there is nothing wrong with those who would rather not have any religious symbols in public; that is their choice.


All we ask is that you don’t take away from the vast majority of this nation’s believers our freedom of religion.


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