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June 23, 2008

Ear to the Ground

Steven R. Berryman

Once again, awash in too much real news, here is a smorgasbord of the events I witnessed last week. You may call it “Short Takes 2,” as I keep my ears to the ground for The Tentacle and Frederick County.


When you look analytically at our human events of late, and look closely, you also will find an overwhelming sense that history is forming right before our eyes. Here are four takes on this.


First, I attended the “Maryland Thursday Meeting” in Annapolis, along with Ann Corcoran with Refugee Resettlement Watch, the watchdog web site. It’s a center-right organization for voicing mostly Republican and Libertarian points of view in a non-confrontational environment.


These two-hour meetings focus on the issues of the day affecting us and our politics as the world changes around us. Moderator Richard Falknor keeps the presentations to about 15 minutes max, even for the keynote guys. He is tough and keeps it necessarily focused.


The results are pithy diatribe and a lot less grandstanding than your typical talking head TV show, with the added advantage of “being there.” Picture Meet the Press meets “Reality TV.” This sage audience knows what questions to ask!


This particular “Thursday Meeting” featured Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, who spoke about his upcoming book, “The New Case Against Immigration,” subtitled “Both Legal and Illegal.” (The publishing date is June 30, and I will cover it from my advanced proof copy on The Tentacle that week.)


Mr. Krikorian was on the way to Capital Hill after his talk to cover the subject with lawmakers personally, but I will share up-front that his view is that the problem on immigration is not Hispanics from Mexico, as much as it is us.


What is refreshing is that it’s a fact-based account from new research, and there are solutions with a game plan in the final chapter.


Brad Botwin of Help Save Maryland discussed the efforts of his group’s program battling the illegal onslaught, and the agenda on this same subject from an activist’s perspective.


Finally, Jim Boulet, Jr., covered his column, “FCC Tries to Hush Rush,” from National Review Online, which describes the attempt to revive the “Fairness Doctrine” in sheep’s clothing as another assault on the Federal Communication Commission. Conservative talk radio would be muzzled under this revival to all of our distinct disadvantages.


The program includes multi-culturalism forced on a per-station basis, regardless of where the market is located, a recipe sure to ruin the airwaves.


Moving on…


The Minion Man March was not to be missed by any aficionado of Bob Miller and his Morning News Express radio show on WFMD (AM-930). This event was held at the Market Street Bagel and Deli at Carroll Creek and was broadcast live.


The magnificent promotional activity by “Frederick Counties Morning Mayor Bob” was actually better than the hype. Truly everyone was there, from Frederick Mayor Jeff Holtzinger riding his eco-friendly motor bike, to Sheriff “Chuck” Jenkins, and Delegate – and fellow Tentacle columnist – Rick Weldon.


Tentacle writer Farrell Keough was also with us for fun, partially to explain why Joan McIntyre – another Tentacle writer – insisted on sleeping in, as opposed to getting up at 5 A.M.!


The fun was generated as an offshoot of Frederick News-Post columnist Katherine Heerbrandt’s musings that qualified all of the listeners of this famous show as mere “minions.” Well, I know that listener “Catfish” really resented it!


And then…


Back to serious politics. I attended the major rally with Help Save Maryland which took place last Saturday at the Derwood (MD) Day Laborer site.


Just when you’ve had enough fun for the week…we protested taxpayer money supporting largely Illegal workers waiting for quick jobs at the Montgomery County location, in facilities that you paid for, with better accommodations than our own schools have in their double-wide trailer classrooms.


The protest rally was very well attended and was matched in force by county police numbering about what we had in membership. Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett did not want to make any news here!


WJLA-TV (channel 7) and WTTG-TV (Channel 5) got maximum footage for TV; we shall see what slant comes of this later. I will tell you that the people are speaking loudly now.


Former Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., covered this event on his WBAL radio show in Baltimore live at the time. Seems like a movement to me.


Anyhow, that was my week, outside my day job.


Woodsboro - Walkersville Times
The Morning News Express with Bob Miller
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