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As Long as We Remember...

July 12, 2002

Humpty Dumpty has a Great Fall

Lee Marshall

Way to go county commissioners! The Ever Lovin' Mare finally met her match! Until last week, she was having her way with the press, holding sway on every issue, conducting court in her Silly Hall office for the select few.

Politics, as the Ever Lovin' Mare has demonstrated, is a lot of theater, but in recent days our "Iron Maiden" has become Humpty Dumpty on the wall. The spotlight is shining elsewhere and she has her "Irish" up.

The issue? Memorial Grounds Park, jointly owned by the city and county, and location of the Ten Commandments Stone the past 17 or so years.

Board of County Commissioners President David Gray, Commissioner Terre Roy Rhoderick and John L. (Lennie) Thompson executed a 3-0 vote extraordinaire Tuesday to squash the scheduled joint city/county public hearing about the Stone. You can tell from the noise in the old judge's chambers that they stole the headlines from the Ever Lovin' Mare.

The timing of the vote was impeccable, snatching leadership from the flagellating city leadership majority in a single bound. It is a coup that dares the socialists of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) elite to sue us, baby. It's a banner fortnight for Frederick because in an earlier decision our commissioners forbade the atheists of the Washington Area Secular Humanists to use Winchester Hall for their propaganda.

This board may go out of office on a high note, thanks to the bleating of the far left ACLU and their ilk, who gave the commissioners the chance to stand up and fight for Frederick and America.

The board's vote also may fracture any positive relations, which may have existed with the city administration. Critical to the Ever Lovin' Mare, though, is that she has lost another round in the public relations chess game. Who would guess her administration would stumble so badly six months into the term, but we saw it coming.

"I find this to be quite irresponsible," the Ever Lovin' Mare was quoted by Reporter Steve Miller of the Frederick News-Post. She accused the commissioners, Mr. Miller reported, "of using a 'backdoor vote' to avoid the alleged First Amendment violation and also helping politicize the issue."

"Politicizing," says this master of the shuck and jive in the executive branch. That's a quote worthy of those two Democratic presidential candidates Sore and Loserman.

The Rev. Luke Robinson of Quinn Chapel, African Methodist Episcopal Church, whose congregation has far outdistanced any other of the "High" churches in Frederick on this issue, moved his latest vigil from the Stone's park enclave to the front steps of Silly Hall. He drew a crowd that was well behaved but determined to be heard.

The Ever Lovin' Mare heard them. She apparently sat in her office stone-faced as the message rang out on the old courthouse green, trumpeting the rightness of the Ten Commandments Stone being in the cemetery we now call Memorial Grounds Park.

She was quoted as saying the 70-plus demonstrators represented "a bunch of chest pounding." Yes, but she forgets they are constituents.

The media enjoyed the show, too, with mothers and children displaying religious symbols and signs and shouting slogans. There also was lots of political punch on the green.

Thank, God, for Alderman Dave Lenhart, who now enjoys the upper hand. Mr. Lenhart spoke in all sincerity as he accepted the petition in support of the Stone from the Rev. Mr. Robinson. The action was drawing a line in the sand, daring the weak sisters to make a stand.

Given the opportunity to rub salt in the Ever Lovin' Mare's public relations wounds, Mr. Lenhart also told the appreciative crowd that he would propose opening each Mare and Bored session with a prayer. He did that Tuesday night and it's a left hook the Ever Lovin' Mare took squarely on the chin, trying gamely to discuss procedures.

Alderman Bill Hall, Commissioners Rhoderick and Thompson and Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett (R-Sixth) accompanied Mr. Lenhart on the threshold to Silly Hall. Also along for the ride was State Senator Alex X. Mooney (R., 3rd), who with Del. Paul Stull (R., 4-A), was among the first elected officials to sign the petition.

With the gaggle of state and local candidates seeking visibility these days, it is strange that we haven't seen much verbal action from them on the Ten Commandments issue.

Our chief executor tried to put an early positive spin on the dilemma, but it appears her true feelings and inadequacies are emerging. Her liberal thin skin is apparent. It puts her on par with Oh Donna Ramsburg, whose ignorant ramblings at the beginning of this fuss are mindful that she rose to her level of incompetence.

How interesting it is that the Mare's supposed party political cronies took over her crowd, which gathered this week to break ground at the new Hill Street Park at Hillcrest (according to The Tentacle writer David Kip Koontz). They shamelessly hawked their respective candidacies, virtually telling the Ever Lovin' Mare - and the kids - to take a "cold tater and wait."

Humpty Dumpty may not understand that she is considered small potatoes in the face of such supposed power brokers as Ms. Hecht and Lt. Guv Katherine (don't ever forget the "Kennedy") Townsend. Their power, however, may be "broke" and the local distaff queen of the walk may end up being the Ever Lovin' Mare. Both candidates may be gone by 8 p.m. Nov. 4th.

There was an obvious coalition of these female Democrats when times were good, but we've seen a tendency for any one of them to undercut their compatriot in behind-the-scenes scrambling.

We certainly don't like to see our elected leaders being given short shrift in the respect game by out-of-towners like "KENNEDY Townsend." More importantly, we want the Ever Lovin' Mare and Oh Donna to be given the respect deserving of their office. Our own deserve what they get, however, when it is obvious they are "on the take" for political gain.

With respect to our commissioners, their actions and apparent resolve regarding the Ten Commandments Stone will rekindle cold friendships. Most of all, however, they begin to provide some leadership. They had been promised action from the city and received little.

It is the spirit of this One Nation Under God that diverse groups, religious and otherwise, have come together here in a worthy and common cause. Lest we forget, the "People" are the government.

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