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As Long as We Remember...

September 5, 2005

What does Jennifer know?


What does Jennifer know?

Mayor Jennifer Dougherty must know something we don’t. From where we sit the Democratic primary shapes up as too close to call. We get the impression, from various sources, her supporters may be fewer in numbers than the Anybody-But-Jennifer crowd, but they will definitely show up September 13 to vote. Less angry, many in the ABJ crew may not.

Surrounded by trusted advisers, we would think somebody would tell Her Honor the last thing in the world her campaign should do is to light a fire under the opposition. But that’s exactly what she did last week.

Her performance during and after taping a joint Cable 10 appearance with challenger Ron Young prompted numerous phone calls, spreading word that she yelled threats in the Adelphia parking lot. There was more peculiar behavior, we were told. She demanded the program be done again, which was unacceptable to Mr. Young. She accused the producer/host of being unfair (a charge not substantiated by the show when aired). As described by several observers, she acted like someone on the verge of desperation.

At Wednesday night’s Democrat picnic, she jumped over the edge, making charges duly repeated on the local paper’s front page. Without using his name, Ms. Dougherty let the crowd know the former mayor had been listed in the infamous Black Book as a client of the prostitution ring. Maybe she declined to point the finger directly because Mr. Young was present.

In a published interview, however, she had no hesitation in making the connection, demanding furthermore to know why the paper had never published “the fact,” since the list had been released because of a Freedom of Information lawsuit by The Frederick News-Post and The Associated Press.

Blaine Young, the candidate’s son, was the sole official to have “the honor” of being associated with the Black Book. Had his father’s name appeared on the clients’ roster, no editor in the world could resist blazing “the fact” in the blackest, front page print. The longtime former mayor was much bigger “game” than his son, who was only an alderman.

Had Jennifer Dougherty the proof she claimed in the interview, we can think of no reason why she would not have made it known months ago, when Ron Young filed the lawsuit that paved the way for his candidacy.

Waiting until the closing campaign days to hurl the charge makes us believe the incumbent mayor must know her reelection prospects are dim. Since we believe, as stated the outset, the race is too close to call, her frenzied behavior catches us by surprise.

At any rate, she managed to stir up her opposition, whose ranks were joined by one Republican who let us know: Reading Ms. Dougherty Black Book allegation in the paper, she was putting up on her house a Ron Young sign!

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