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June 2, 2005

She's Still at It - Again

Editorial takes pride in presenting every viewpoint; we rule out nothing, no matter how dumb something might seem to the editors. That said, Jennifer Dougherty continues to boggle our collective mind, including her fellow Democrats.

It is beyond anybody's understanding, in these parts, that Frederick's mayor consistently acts in ways totally inimical to citizens' pocketbooks. Her latest imperious blunder guarantees a substantial pay-out for Donald Michael Trombley.

If the name rings no bell, then let us explain that Mr. Trombley is the man who presented a bullet to the mayor's sister, along with the comment that Ms. Dougherty would know what to do with it. The bullet was an inert object. He possessed no firearm at the time. He was busted to satisfy Her Honor.

We engaged in private conversations at the time of the arrest and no one in our politically varied circle of acquaintances could find any basis for hauling him off to the pokey except that's what Ms. Dougherty wanted. And she usually gets her way.

The Vietnam veteran found himself incarcerated in the local hoosegow for 18 days until Circuit Court Judge Paul McGuckian set him free, declaring he had lost his freedom for arbitrary and capricious reasons, therefore illegal. The state's attorney's office naturally disagrees. Elements of the institution tend to protect each other against all comers.

District Court Judge Milnor Roberts' official approval was part of that process. On clear days, Mil knows better.

We are left to wonder how much money Jennifer Dougherty's most recent foray into legal muddy waters will cost taxpayers. And does anybody care?

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