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April 19, 2005

Music to Our Ears


We can think of no sound more welcome for these first sunny days than George Steinbrenner publicly bellyaching because his Yankees were routed by our Orioles. With Sundayís 8-4 win, Baltimore swept its first series from the baseballís high and mighty since 2000. How great it is!

While everybody was taught it ainít nice to delight in someone elseís troubles, the Yankees are an exception and especially so their fans who show up in considerable numbers for every game hard by Camden Yards. According to local sports guru Stan Goldberg, the customary dancing after Sundayís series-ending brought out the orange and black, while the gray pin-stripes crowd sat sulking in their seats.

Donít want to hear itís early in the season and thereís a mighty row to hoe before the World Series rolls around. Tell that to the guys who warn about Autumnís searing heat.

Letís all enjoy these first warm days and the sight of the Yankees slumping off the field, trailing their bats behind.

To our ears, Mr. Steinbrennerís loud mouth ďblistering indictment,Ē as The New York Times put it, brings to mind the Bibleís Song of Songs:

ďThe flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing is come and the voice of the turtle (dove) is heard throughout the land.Ē

The song Mr. Steinbrenner sings is even sweeter this Spring than Solomonís.

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