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April 15, 2005

Mullinex Park Pavilion


Frederick City Alderman Joe Baldi is to be commended for balancing Mayor Jennifer Dougherty's proposed budget for next year without the necessity of laying off employees. But he left another major expenditure off his list of reductions which we think should be added.

We have learned that The City of Frederick, in the budget proposed by the mayor, has some controversial plans for Mullinex Park. The park is located between West All Saints Street and The Carroll Creek and includes the Diggs Pool.

In a time when money is in short supply, so much so that the mayor has proposed laying off 12 city employees, she has included $100,000 in the operating budget to replace the pavilion, an historic landmark in this mostly minority community.

The pavilion has been a gathering place when the weather permits, and it has been the location of countless instances of rowdy behavior and blaring music to the chagrin of neighbors and police.

Some people who grew up near Mullinex Park have expressed concern that the proposed new structure on the site will allow those congregating there to further hide their activities from the eyes of both the neighbors and the police.

When asked city officials say that birds roosting and nesting in the rafters of the pavilion make it "unsanitary" for cookouts and other events frequently held in the park.

However, the city solved the bird problem at the rebuilt Monocacy Village pavilion with some small mesh wire that blocks assess to the rafters by our feathered friends.

The money set aside for the pavilion at Mullinex Park would be better spent in the coming year on other things. Besides, the income from the red light cameras will be a known factor this time next year and perhaps it can be used to "replace" the Mullinex Park pavilion.

In the meantime, citizens living around Mullinex Park should get an opportunity to review those plans and make suggestions for improvements.

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