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A Record Of Which To Be Proud - and To Run On

John P. Snyder

September 3, 2004

The Democrats, the mainstream media and other assorted whiners and criers insist that the campaign waged against John Kerry is a concerted effort by the Republicans to deflect scrutiny of George Bush's record.

Au contraire, say I.

Mr. Kerry's fixation with his four months in Vietnam is intended solely to draw attention away from his dismal 20-year record of appeasement in the U.S. Senate. His record would make George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic nominee for president, wince.

Now, let's see. George Bush inherited an economy that had run out of gas. Remember the dot com bust? A few days after he was inaugurated, the sluggish economy was called the "Bush recession."

Throw in the crushing residue from the 9/11 tragedy and you have an economy that is struck in neutral. No longer. Annual growth rates and unemployment rates have far exceeded the supposedly golden years of the Clinton administration.

Let's not forget that in response to the attack on our country the Taliban was routed in Afghanistan, and freedom was restored. Saddam Hussein, who used to have a dozen palaces from which to choose his sleeping place, is now confined to a 10X12 cell. A free Iraq is on the horizon.

He also assembled a coalition that has helped fight terrorism including the Turks and Pakistanis and Russians. Al Qaeda has been reduced to a loose organization with no money.

There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I am certain. You don't think, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, among most other Democrats, who warned us of the imminent threat via weapons of mass destruction posed by Saddam Hussein, were lying, do you? Spending on education has never been higher. The social safety net has remained intact.

Yes, the war on terror has caused a deficit. Right now it is $400 billion. But the forecasts have been revised downward to reflect the windfall of revenue the government is taking in currently.

Worried? Don't be. Imagine that the Teresa Heinz Kerry family, worth $3 billion, had a debt of $50,000 that was outstanding. They and America can handle their debt.

For Mr. Bush's effort, the Democrats routinely compare him to Hitler, impugn his intelligence and insist his presidency is illegitimate. Even after count after recount confirmed that George Bush won Florida, no matter how you look at it, some Democrats still insist the election was stolen. And still forgotten is the shameful attempt by Democratic lawyers to throw out absentee votes by servicemen and servicewomen on technicalities.

George Bush is always a gentleman. He greets every day with a smile. He never lets that rotund gas bag, Michael Moore, get under his skin. The same cannot be said of Mr. Kerry and his swift boat comrades.

If I were a Democrat, I would be wary of John Kerry. He has been described as the ultimate "anti-anti-communists." He has been lauded by the Viet Cong for service to their cause.

He fought Ronald Reagan tooth and nail as the President dismantled the Cold War.

George Bush has a record to run on. Does John Kerry?

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