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How Do You Feel About Your Country? – Part One

John P. Snyder

September 27, 2004

One can only assume that the vast majority of Americans love their country. From that point, however opinions and feelings diverge into a myriad of positions. How one views their country, I believe, dictates for whom they will most likely vote on November 2nd.

Should you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of the following statements, you won't have to be a mind reader to know for whom you'll be voting.

  • America, at its core, is a racist, sexist and homophobic society.

  • In America, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and whatever middle class that exists is disappearing.

  • The rich, defined as anyone with a combined income of over $75,000, do not pay their fair share of taxes and any tax cuts should be rolled back immediately.

  • Our healthcare system is in crisis; only the government can run it effectively.

  • America, and America alone, is polluting our planet and destroying the earth.

  • The events of September 11, 2001, were: 1) an isolated, once in a lifetime crime committed by poor, uneducated Islamic activist or 2) richly deserved by an arrogant, greedy nation.

  • Because we have vast economic and military superiority, we must delegate and gain approval from the United Nations. Secretary General Koffi Annan is someone we can trust.

  • The threat of terrorism in the country is vastly exaggerated. Attorney General John Ashcroft is a modern day dictator, who is intent on suppressing freedoms in this country.

  • The Iraq portion of the war on terrorism is illegal and immoral. We have traded, wrongly, a dictator for chaos.

  • Film Director Michael Moore is a great American because he portrays America correctly.

  • President George W. Bush is an ignorant moron, intellectually clueless. He and his minions stole the election from Al Gore in 2000.

  • President Bush got preferential treatment during Vietnam; he was AWOL from the National Guard. The fake documents showed this conclusively.

  • Unborn children have no right to live.

  • Marriage should be defined as a union between any two anythings.

  • Republicans, and conservatives, are rich, mean racist, sexists and homophobic.

For those who agree with one more of those statements, you should feel right at home in the Democratic Party, and feel very good about your vote for John Kerry. He and Sen. John Edwards share your beliefs.

(Editor’s Note: Part Two of John Snyder’s “How Do You Feel About Your County?” will appear later this week.)

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