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Rain. We've finally gotten some rain!.
David 'Kip' Koontz

March 21, 2002

The feelings we experience are like those the farmers in an old black and white movie experienced where, during a drought, they prayed for, and finally got, the rain they needed to save their farms.

Who would have ever thought that rain can produce such emotion?

Usually, during rainy days one hears people complaining about it. This past weekend a sampling showed people happily going about their business as if it were a bright sunny day.

No where could the griping that rainy days often produces be heard as people said instead, "We really need the rain." Even some folks who were moving joked about how they picked the only rainy day in however long its been to move, yet they were unfazed in their activity.

Will this rain be enough to put a dent in to our current shortage of water?

Will it be enough so that the moratorium on construction in the city can be lifted and people can go back to work?

Who knows?

A drive through the city's watershed illustrates how bad things really are. Where there were once ponds, lakes almost, of water there is hard dirt.

If one drives across the Monocacy with their windows open, one will actually smell the stink that is emanating from her banks. What is producing that is kind of scary to think about, yet as the depth of the water decreases the smell increases.

Pity the fishes.

During the campaign last fall some inside City Hall said that the water problem was just that, a problem. They said it was not the crisis that other claimed it was.

They also said that there were several new wells about to be tapped in the watershed that would produce tens of thousands of gallons of water per day. They said the state just needed to approve them.

They further said the city was negotiating with someone in the Walkersville/Woodsboro area to tap a well or two there that would produce millions of gallons of water per day.

They assured us that the water problem would be alleviated as soon as these new sources were "online" as they'd more than tide us over until the new Potomac water plant was pumping away - earlier than expected.

Did these sources of water dry up during the drought?

Did Jim Grimes take them with his when he moved to Ijamsville?

Is Herzonner keeping them a secret so that she can pull them out when things get their absolute worst so she looks the hero?

Did they ever exist at all?

Hey, what's that smell?

Oh that? It's just our water source don't worry about it.


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