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Is Paranoia Ruling Mooney's Campaign?

David 'Kip' Koontz

June 07, 2002

Seems that State Senator Alex Mooney and his supporters have nothing to do but sit around checking out the Defeat Mooney Committee's web site in hopes of finding things they can use to malign the character of those involved.

Isn't it funny that no one would have ever heard of the site if SS hadn't announced its' existence to the world?

Since then SS is firing off press releases about it at such a rapid pace it is amazing that he can keep up with the story he is telling.

It seems that SS and company believe that everyone in the Democratic Party is in someway affiliated with the Defeat Mooney Committee and, therefore, to Delegate Sue Hecht simply because they may know each other.

Even if the founder and chairman of the committee is a staunch Republican.

Must be their version of the game "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon," where everyone can allegedly be tracked to someone famous through 6 other people.

Maybe we will find out that the royal family of England is in someway linked, as it is a fact all the officers of the committee know someone British.

Ronald Reagan may be linked, as it is fact that at least two officers of the committee have met him.

Jimmy Carter, too.

Actually Presidents George I and George II know at least one of the officers. Guess they have to be linked.

The Canadians may be involved as some of the officers have some ties to some Canadians.

Oh, and Pennsylvanians. They have to be involved because one of the officers grew up there. Right?

One of the officers has a niece who is currently in Madagascar. Does that mean that the people of Madagascar may be involved?

It is simply bizarre that SS can't grasp that there are a lot of people in the 3rd District who do not like his politics and, therefore, would want to see him defeated.

He has alienated many through his divisive ranting.

Just because that is a fact doesn't mean that there is some great big conspiracy out there that links everyone together en masse, united against him.

Would be nice to think it were so, only because it would make defeating him easier, but one plus one still equals two, except in Mooney math where it equals infinity.

No matter how much SS wants it to be so, there never has been and never will be any type of collusion between Ms. Hecht and the Defeat Mooney Committee.

When the whole idea of Defeat Mooney came about, it was actually hoped that there would be both Republicans and Democrats running against him.

It was thought that the Defeat Mooney Committee would simply be a vehicle through which those who are generally displeased with SS's behavior could express their opinions - a safe haven where they could feel welcome regardless of party affiliation and so on.

That is still what it is.

You can't blame the Defeat Mooney folks for the fact that only one person has come out to challenge him.

You also can't blame them for wanting to see him defeated.

That doesn't even mean that just because they want Mooney defeated they all think Ms. Hecht is the best person for the job. It just means they think most anyone but him would be better for the job.

Unlike Mooneyites, many people can think about the importance of a bigger picture than the election of one person over another.

The Defeat Mooney folks actually think, for reasons too numerous to mention, that the citizens of District 3 would be better off with someone other than SS as their senator.

Period. End of report.

SS Mooney comes off as being more paranoid than former presidents Nixon and Johnson combined.

Anyone who knows history knows that is scary.

Maybe his campaign song will be that rock song with the phrase in it about "Paranoia Big Destroya!"

Yikes! Is that who we want representing us another 4 years?

[Editor's Note: Mr. Koontz is the treasurer of the Defeat Mooney Committee.]

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