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Is Bush Going Where We Think He Is?
David 'Kip' Koontz

January 29, 2002

The State of the Union approaches. George II will dutifully report on our successes on the War on Terrorism. Dubya will pay tribute to the gallant men and women of our military. He'll pay homage to those who lost their lives on September 11th and those working in clean-up and rebuilding efforts. He should do that.

We as a nation are showing the pride we have for our country, regardless of how flawed our government may be. This we should do, as we were viciously attacked and we are at war.

Yet, we are still a nation with internal problems that must be addressed. Let us listen for what Dubya has to say about the domestic problems we now face. Let us listen to hear if what is going on behind the war front will be given the light of day.

We must understand that while we can support a president in the execution of war, it is neither un-American nor un-patriotic to criticize a president's domestic policies at the same time. Franklin D. Roosevelt, one our greatest presidents, was roundly criticized for many of the programs he implemented while opponents rallied around his execution of WWII.

That brings us to George II. There is a reason he lost the election. Some of you will say that losing the people's vote isn't losing an election, but in all except the election for president, that is the case, so lets not quibble. People rejected Dubya's domestic agenda. With good reason.

While we are fighting terrorism (will George II have the resolve, unlike George I, to finish the job?) many are terrified at the agenda Dubya and the Republicans are espousing.

Many fear Dubya's court appointees. Did you know that Dubya has appointed 60 federal judges at this point? As expected they hold a conservative bent. You 'll find many of the appointees to be anti-choice, anti-gay, and anti-minority.

Many fear a reversal of reproductive rights, as discussion limiting the scope of Roe vs. Wade is widespread. Dubya, bowing to his conservative allies, is thumbing his nose at the "king of conservatism's" wife, Nancy Reagan, by opposing stem cell research that many believe will save lives because opponents claim it supports a "culture of murder."

Many fear Dubya's faith based initiatives. Many believe these initiatives blur the line between a separated church and state by forcing taxpayers to subsidize religious organizations, which, under these initiatives, will provide services once supplied by public institutions.

Others fear George II's environmental policies, such as the proposal to open the Artic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. This is at a time when studies have shown that as many as 80% of polar bears are hermaphrodites because of pollution in the artic-one reason for a dramatic decline in that bear's population.

Still, others fear Dubya's economic stimulus package, claiming it only benefits the wealthy through benefits such as cutting or eliminating the capital gains tax, for instance, something most of us will not need benefit of.

Some fear, in light of the stock markets recent performance, Dubya's continued call for the partial privatization of Social Security that would force seniors to play the stock market.

Some question why there has been no movement on a plan to provide healthcare for the working poor.

How will these issues be addressed in the State of the Union, or are we supposed to forget that the domestic goings-ons of the United States still go on?

One must also ask, "what will we hear at the State of the Union about Enron?" Probably not much as Vice President Dick Cheney and Mr. Bush have both said they don't have a whole lot to say on the matter. Hmmmm. Why is it that when a Democrat appears to be in trouble, the pack of wolves descend, yet when that same pack appears in trouble they become as silent as little sheep?

Beware folks, for all his handling of the War on Terrorism, George II is still a wolf in sheep's clothes.

There is after all, a reason why Dubya is, an illegitimable president.


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